Upon hearing Yan Tao\’s words, Hua linger immediately blushed and looked a little coy. She replied coyly, \”Oh, brother Tao, I almost forgot these steamed stuffed buns. Let\’s go to see the cave now.\”.

2021 年 11 月 14 日

Are you out? Where did you go? Yilan looked a little anxious. At this time, she was looking for Shanghai for important matters, but some people went out. Before using the contact within the members, Shanghai had already given this contact. Closed.I don\’t know, he didn\’t say. Ming Yuyan shook her head.Thanks a lot.Yi Lan sighed. She could see that Ming Yuyan did not know. It is very likely that there is something important in Shanghai, or it may be a critical time in her cultivation. She intends to break through, find a place to meditate, and contact the closed situation. Next, it is impossible to find Shanghai.At this time, more than 20 people from the Independent League rushed over.Sister Lan, where is Brother Lin? the leading member asked.He has something to go out, and he can\’t find anyone for the time being. Yi Lan shook his head helplessly.This… Everyone\’s expressions changed slightly.Then what should I do? Without Brother Lin, I am afraid that I will be greatly reduced by the strength here, and our brothers have just received the news that Shenlong has already rushed to Moshen Mountain with many people, and will arrive at most tomorrow. After being obtained by them, Shenlong\’s strength has increased again. I am afraid that even Lin Ge will be in trouble…Or, let\’s just leave one person here to wait, and the others will rush over first?No! Yi Lan waved his hand directly and said, \”None of us will go.\”Why?Could it be that those guys in the Gods Alliance get the liquid of reincarnation? I heard that they have obtained a special enchantment this time, which can temporarily seal off and weaken the power of the two-headed evil beast. It is said that they are at least 80% sure… The members said anxiously.The rest of the people are also anxious. They naturally don’t want to see the power of the God’s Domain Alliance. The stronger the opponent, the smaller the living space of the Independent Alliance in God’s Lincheng. They have been suppressed to have little living space, and they will be suppressed again. , I\’m afraid it will disperse.If I said I didn\’t go, I didn\’t go. No one was allowed to go.Yilan immediately gave the order. Seeing the disappointment of the members, she was also quite uncomfortable, but she couldn\’t let these brothers take risks. With their strength, if they met Shenlong and others, there would be someone by then. Perish.After all, once out of God Lincheng, she will no longer be protected by the rules of God. If Shenlong and the others were to kill, she and the rest of the guards would be able to barely protect themselves, but what about those strong at the servant level? There will definitely be danger.Sister Lan is right. We can\’t go. Once we go, we will definitely lose a lot. It\’s not that we are arrogant, but our overall strength. It\’s really not as good as Shenlong and the others. It\’s too dangerous to take food from them. With the liquid of reincarnation, I will be able to find the other treasures in the future. There is no need to fight for a while. The white-faced man said.The others were silent for a moment and sighed helplessly. Of course they knew this too, so they didn\’t say anything.Brothers and sisters, don’t be downcast. Maybe Shenlong and others will fail? This two-headed evil beast has appeared for more than half a year. Many people have tried it, but no one succeeded. This time, Shenlong and others have failed. It may not be successful, so there is no need to think too much. The white-faced man continued to comfort everyone.

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