\”Sister, I am now in the golden elixir period of great consummation, and I am facing the frozen baby right away. I entered the yuan baby period in the Jin Dynasty. However, I have prepared the materials of the frozen baby elixir for many days, but I haven\’t found an alchemist. They dislike that my reward is too little. Therefore, sister, I have stayed in this great consummation for ten years, but I haven\’t been able to break through. I have 100 pieces of Chinese spirit stones left here, Sister, have you seen enough? \”Shen Hongyan is a little worried. She has only these now, and there are hundreds of inferior spirit stones.

2021 年 11 月 14 日

A mark of spiritual consciousness fell in.Seeing this, Mori Ye immediately crushed it, and then his face suddenly changed and became heavy.Brother Mori Ye, what happened? Shanghai noticed Mori Ye\’s abnormality and couldn\’t help asking.I don’t know, it was from the king. Let me wait and rush over as soon as possible. This imprint is a special emergency summoning imprint of my wood world. Normally, it is not easy to use. Now that the king uses it, something may have happened. Go over and take a look. Moriye said.Can I be together? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.It’s no use staying here at this moment. Mu Ningxue doesn’t know when she will wake up. This place is quite safe, but she can rest and rest for a while. At least there are more than 100,000 wood realm powerhouses entrenched here, and ordinary people are not. Dare to come here to harass.Yeah! Moriye hesitated, then nodded.The two flew all the way to the main hall located in the center of the ancient city.There are more than thirty powerful people in the hall, all of whom have understood the reincarnation of the second world, and there are four powerful people who have understood the reincarnation of the third world. The top power in the battlefield of gods.At this moment, everyone\’s faces were solemn, some even frowned, and some were full of urgency.Chapter 1010Wang, the ancestors and others are really in desperate situation? A wood world expert who was covered with dry wood grains couldn\’t help but ask.As soon as this remark came out, the faces of the Wood Realm powerhouses present became even more ugly, especially the powerhouses who had just arrived and didn\’t even know, were even more anxious.Wang, what happened to the ancestors and others?How is the situation of the ancestors and others?what happened?Everyone asked eagerly.Sen Ye\’s face turned pale for a while, and even Shanghai couldn\’t help being frightened. He could see that Shengmu\’s face was full of sadness at the moment, and it was obvious that this matter was true.The ancestors of the Wood Realm are located in the Divine Realm. According to the information passed down by the old immortal, there are no small forces in the Divine Realm. These ancestors are the foundation of the development of the Wood Realm. The influence of the world will be very large.Before that, Shengmu had lost the blessings of his ancestors, so he could not find the refined immortal pine liquid, and almost fell into a state of decline because of this. At that time, Shanghai had learned that the ancestors of the Wood World in God\’s Domain had encountered some troubles, but he did not expect that such a big trouble would occur at this moment, and he was in desperate situation.

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