\”Elder brother, you said the master asked us all to go back this time. What\’s the matter?\”

2021 年 11 月 14 日

oneMore than a thousand strong men swooped down directly, wielding all their power, and blasted towards the inner city to the east. There were already more than 60,000 strong men, including more than fifty generals. The strength is so huge, you can follow More than a thousand strong people concentrated on the attack.boom……The more than 60,000 strong men who surrounded the inner city to the east were immediately rushed out of a passage. The more than ten generals in the lead were killed half of them on the spot, and the rest were seriously injured.Kill! The remaining generals were furious and rushed out with all the guards.Retreat! Kill Mie immediately waved.More than a thousand strong backed quickly.Akastar! Wear and kill! Annihilation ordered.咻咻…The Chi Xing and others, who were already ready, took action one after another. These powerhouses are powerhouses who have understood the reincarnation of the Fourth World Zun. Together with the strong body and the supernatural speed and wild patterns, their strength has skyrocketed by more than 30%, and the speed has reached even higher. It was nearly six hundred times the boundary speed.Faced with the power of the general guards’ attack and killing, Chi Xing and others ignored them. They directly followed the previous orders to specifically bombard the remaining generals, especially the injured. Under their joint hands, the defending generals, although individual The strength is strong, but it is hard to be the full shot of seven or eight powerful people who understand the reincarnation of the four worlds.After a round of piercing and killing, the generals have been killed and injured, and the strong guards are already almost dead. The remaining guards have no leaders for a while, and they don’t know how to shoot, like scattered sand, when you see the strong of the Tianchen Alliance Chase it up.But!Those strong men retreated just to deal with it. Once a guard rushed forward without fear of death, they would be besieged by more than a dozen strong men and killed them in one fell swoop.As for the other side, the exterminating powerhouses have already begun to take action. They are like ghosts walking on the edge, making silent shots. Every time they shot, either from the side or from behind, they directly kill those who are free. guard.Although one person can only kill one at a time, more than five hundred people all work together, like harvesting straw.The guards on the three sides of the southwest and north have been led by more than 500 strong men in batches. Every time these strong men take a shot, they will be looted at a speed far faster than the guards. When the guards cannot catch up, they will return. , Once again stepped forward and shot again, making the guards of the clan annoyed, but they were helpless. Who made them slower than that.If there are generals rushing out, they will be surrounded and killed by dozens of four-world masters who have been lurking for a long time. They will either be killed on the spot or seriously injured and escape. After a few times, the three-sided guards will no longer Dare to go out, can only stay in place.Seeing the battle in front of him, I couldn’t help but breathe in a cold breath. If he had a big opinion about the killing before, he doesn’t have much opinion anymore. The killing is even more terrifying than he thought. Many, not personal combat power, but in the battle of dominance, it is like controlling all changes in one\’s own hands.This is a top military division.

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