Put away the man\’s ring and burn it clean. Then the five primordial friars deal with it in turn. They have one thing in common, that is, they all have one such chain.

2021 年 11 月 15 日

Hearing that, the two elders, bald and long-haired, were almost exasperated. They cursed secretly, whether you have long eyes or not, which one of your eyes sees that we do it, even if you want to do it, you have to have the ability to do it.Elder Shenxuan, I didn\’t betray the True Underworld God Clan.We were just ordered to capture Shanghai back…The two elders, the bald head and the long hair, hurriedly defended. If they don’t explain, they will get darker and darker at that time. Once they sit down and betray the facts of the True Nether God Clan, then they will not only be spurned by the clansmen, but also even worse. Was chased to death.Since you are not teaming up with this kid, why don\’t you capture him? Shenxuan elder said in a deep voice.Capture it?The two elders, bald and long-haired, shrank all over, and almost jumped up violently. You are standing behind the barrier, with the barrier blocking it. It\’s easy to say, why don\’t you come down and catch this kid? Shenye was solved in two or three strokes before their eyes, and even Shenye could not stop him, let alone them.Suddenly, the two old men couldn\’t get off the ground.Don\’t make a move?Shanghai may not embarrass them, but so many people are staring, if they don\’t take action, then the fact that they are traitors will be confirmed. Shot? They are simply not sure that they can capture Shanghai in an instant.At this moment, Shanghai took a step forward, looked up at the top of the city wall, and said loudly: \”Let Shen Wuji get out. I have no grudges against him, no one, etc., step back.\”This sentence immediately caused the entire True Underworld God Race to boil.what?Bold, dare to call the Patriarch\’s name directly, and don\’t kneel down to confess.How can the name of the Patriarch be what you can call it, you are really courageous, come here, take this kid for me. Many strong people of the True Dark Protoss clamored, some glared at Shanghai, some He deliberately stepped forward to strive for performance.Faced with the hustle and bustle of the crowd, Shanghai frowned, and his figure suddenly moved and swept towards the old castle.See it!Some guys with bold and small voices stopped immediately, but there were still a lot of clamors. As for Shanghai’s actions, they were not afraid at all. The castle itself had a strong barrier coverage, and ordinary people simply couldn’t. Rush in.Seeing Shanghai keeps rushing towards the barrier, many strong men sneered. Is this kid a fool? Can\’t recognize the defensive enchantment? Aren\’t you afraid of hitting your head and bleeding? Some strong people can already foresee the appearance of Shanghai\’s head and blood.But!

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