Next to Jane Xi were the Shangguan. In such a scene, even the charming Hua ling\’er was silent and carefully bypassed the bodies and blood to prevent herself from stepping on them.

2021 年 11 月 15 日

Even the Shanghai duo were quite shocked.Not out of the ancient Xuanzong, I don’t know the size of the world. The octagonal scale dragon is a rare beast in the lower heavens of God’s Domain. Such beasts are placed in the first-class sect, at least they will be regarded as guardian beasts. Waiting for the powerful alien beast, was actually used to pull a cart.Are they the top powerhouses of the three Shenzongs? Shanghai guessed.It is possible, but it is not possible for the three great gods to use the octagonal scale dragon as a mount. Master once mentioned that in the days of Nanling, in addition to the three great gods, there are some hidden powers. These forces contain Even the three major gods are jealous and awed by the energy of the sect, but these forces rarely show up, and they will not accept strong people who have nothing to do with them, so they are rarely known.Gu Yu said slowly: \”In addition, there are some legendary predecessors of Nan Lingtian. Those characters are said to have become gods and generals. They, even their descendants, are likely to control these powerful differences. beast.\”Those god will not enter the sect? Sen Luo couldn\’t help asking.There are few people who enter the sect. Except for the three gods, it is said that there are gods and generals. Any gods who can really meet will not join any sects, and those sects cannot restrain them. Therefore, in the realm of Gods The strongest is not the top powerhouse of the sect, it may be the descendants of the gods, or some people with special backgrounds…When Gu Yu said this, he paused and said, \”Maybe you will encounter such characters in the City of All Things. If you can try not to provoke them, don\’t provoke them.\”I understand.Friend Daoist Gu is right, I will try my best to pay attention to it.The two of Shanghai nodded slightly. They came here just to gain insight. As long as no one came to provoke themselves, they would not provoke others for no reason.People continued to pass by, some were powerful gods, and some were passing by with various rare and exotic beasts, including some strange beasts comparable to octagonal scale dragons, which made Shanghai and others more knowledgeable.As they get closer, more and more cultivators pass by, some of them come with the powers of the gods, some come alone, and some of the hundreds of powers go in groups.There are more and more cultivators, and a spot begins to appear in the sky. Although it is only a black spot, it gives people a sense of constant enlargement. Even if it is in the same place, the black spot is still getting bigger. , As if the whole person was absorbed into the past, it was extremely strange.Finally, the three people in Shanghai saw the true face of the black spot. It was a huge black city suspended high in the sky. It was impossible to predict the specific height of the suspension, as if it was ten feet away, and it seemed to be in the sky. Like in the barren world.Like a giant of ancient times, exuding a palpitating threat, whether it is a young powerhouse who has just entered the path of cultivation, or an older generation of characters who have already reached the level of gods, after arriving here, they all fell to the ground by coincidence. It was full of horror and awe.This is the City of All Things… Gu Yu trembled.Although I have heard about the City of All Things, I was deeply shocked when I saw it with my own eyes. Even the ancient Xuanzong that survived after the immemorial era, the simplicity and spirituality contained in it cannot be compared with the dark City of All Things in front of me. Compare.It seems that it is a giant made of ancient gods, entrenched between the heavens and the earth. Although the field of vision can see its outline, it is impossible to see how big it is. Since the ancient times, no one has ever checked it out. How big is the City of All Things, I only know that it is too big to imagine, even if it is walking in the city, it has to be teleported by various teleportation!

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