Xiao Siyu took the transport for the first time. After leaving the transport array, the little guy almost didn\’t vomit and was very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Jian Xi was quick in hand and eyes. He stuffed a pill into his mouth. The pill had a very good effect and soon recovered Xiao Siyu.

2021 年 11 月 15 日

Shanghai also feels a bit of a sense of loss, because Bi Yuelan’s wonderful sound divine lyre body is thoroughly stimulated, and it is also assisted by Nine Heavens Immortal Sounds, and my own ancient demon sacred body has not yet reached its extreme, if it reaches its extreme, The Eucharist of Wonderful Music may not be able to match it.In the Primordial Era, in the same realm, the ancient demon was almost invincible, and the ancient demon was ranked second among the Primordial physique, the first chaotic heaven and earth body, and there has never been a human since ancient times. I have obtained it, I have never heard of it, only this type of physique is listed in the legend.The days on Dingtian Peak are also fulfilling. When everything is fine, Shanghai will go to amuse Qiuqiu, have a chat with Zhu Buzhu and others, or hug and watch the sunset with Bi Yuelan, or be with her. Cultivation, of course, he is also waiting for the three million Universe Crystals. It is said that it will take ten and a half months. During this time, Shanghai can still afford it.Huh? Shanghai frowned, and instinctively sensed that there was someone nearby, but his spiritual thoughts couldn\’t extend too far. He glanced around, but no one was there. Then he closed his eyes and turned to Biyue. Lan ran away at the agreed place.Soon after leaving Shanghai, a figure slowly emerged, it was a figureThe thin man, dressed in the costume of a disciple of Fuxi Palace, looked at the back of Shanghai leaving, this man breathed a sigh of relief.Ten Thousand Universe Crystals, stalking for half a month… This risk is also a bit big, and it was almost detected. This Shanghai is worthy of being the second person on the list of the sky. His perception is so keen, it is fortunate that he has not been noticed, but What did that person tell me to follow the Shanghai duo?The thin man frowned slightly, then shook his head, \”But it doesn\’t matter to me anymore, go back to life as soon as possible, and take the remaining five thousand Qiankun Jing.\”Chapter 1322Light tone in the palace.Bang!A loud bang came from an elegant room, and the maid standing at the door turned pale with fright and trembled all over.In the room!A table made of ancient sandalwood was crushed to fly ash, and Situ Hong\’s handsome face was completely distorted. In his hand, there was a mark of spiritual consciousness hovering, which had been crushed to pieces.For half a month, she actually stayed at Dingtian Peak for half a month…Situ Hong\’s face was rather ugly, his palms shook slightly, and the spiritual mark had been broken. \”Even if Shanghai is ranked second on the list, he also bears the ancient curse and can only live for a maximum of ten years. Bi Yuelan, you are willing to succumb to a guy who can only live for ten years. How can Situ Hong be inferior to that guy? Even if his aptitude and potential are great, he will still turn into a cup after ten years. loess?\”hold head high!The door suddenly opened.Second brother? Situ Hai walked in, and when he saw the broken old sandalwood wooden table, he couldn\’t help being stunned. Looking at Situ Hong\’s appearance, he clearly understood something and couldn\’t help but smiled: \”Second brother, isn\’t it just a woman? Well, is it necessary to be angry for that Bi Yuelan? With so many women in the Heavenly God Temple, which one they want, just beckon and climb over right away.\”What do you know.

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