\”Hey! Xi\’er! Don\’t be sad. Don\’t you still have grandpa with you! The coordinates of the large transmission array on the earth to xuanqiu star are calculated by the old man Tianji after spending 80% of his blood essence. There will be no mistake. Moreover, he calculated the disaster on the earth at that time and said that your group of people will arrive safely, so it\’s hard to think about it It will be wrong. You can rest assured that they will be fine. So many friars on earth came here more than a thousand years ago. They have multiplied here for so many years and have a certain foundation. The place where they reproduce will not be far away from the transmission. Therefore, people in the same place will be well placed. The old man of Tianji will not let go If thousands of descendants have an accident, you will meet one day. It\’s just a matter of time. Your current strength is not enough to act freely on this planet. Only when you are strong enough can you find them recklessly. However, your idea is very good, that is to participate in the selection of that sect. It will be a monk, especially a young monk There may be a chance for you to meet them. Don\’t drill into the tip of the ox horn. Think about the ordinary people who didn\’t survive the disaster on the earth. How lucky you are. Think about the ordinary people who stay in the Kun garden. How lucky you are when you have a cup of loess a hundred years later? \”

2021 年 11 月 15 日

After stepping out of the teleportation formation and returning to the place where he was before, Zhou Bubai said goodbye. After confirming that Zhou Bubai was gone, Shanghai suddenly turned his head and knocked on the little beast. s head.Gu…The little beast covered his head with a grievance, but this time it did not stare at Shanghai, but buried its head with a guilty conscience, and a pair of small paws secretly stuffed the two storage bracelets underneath its buttocks, this little action Where can I hide from Shanghai, I have all my income.Take it out! Shanghai spread out his hand.Goo… The little beast murmured reluctantly, as if this was my thing, why should I give it to you?I don\’t want to talk nonsense with you, hurry up. Shanghai\’s tone became solemn.Hear the words!The little beast unwillingly took out two storage bracelets, handed them up, and then quickly slipped down. The little guy actually got under Bi Yuelan\’s trousers and hid behind, as if he had done something wrong. Looks like.Shanghai ignored it, but was about to open the two storage bracelets, but when the power was entered, it was unexpectedly discovered that the two storage bracelets were actually sealed, and some kind of banning method was used. He was shocked, because he gave the two storage bracelets to the little beast. There was no way to ban them. How come there is a way to ban them now?Seeing that the divine power cannot be solved, Shanghai frowned and strengthened the divine power again. However, the banning method of the storage bracelet was so solid that even if 70% of the divine power was used, it was difficult to directly crack it, which made Shanghai even more surprised. NS.Gu Gu…A sound of schadenfreude came from behind Bi Yuelan, and the little beast sneaked up with a smile.Seeing the appearance of this little beast, Shanghai was startled, his expression full of shock.What\’s the matter? Bi Yuelan noticed that Shanghai\’s expression was different, and couldn\’t help asking.I\’m afraid we have encountered the strangest thing. Shanghai Shen Sheng said.The strangest thing? Bi Yuelan was puzzled.Um!After Shanghai finished speaking, he stretched out his hand and grabbed it. He was hiding behind Bi Yuelan. The little beast who was about to turn his head and ran, was immediately caught.suddenly!In the little beast\’s desperation, his right paw suddenly squeezed into a fist, and he slammed it directly. It was nothing, but with that little fist hit, Shanghai was even more shocked, because that punch was full of reincarnation skills. The mighty power, but also the magical skill of the reincarnation of creatures.

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