\”Your stepmother is chasing you. This thing is more useful for you.\” Jane Xi pushed his hand back.

2021 年 11 月 15 日

There were sharp winds, and Shanghai, who was looking for the eyes, flicked, and here, the negative incarnations of those ancient gods came, and not one, but fourteen, and immediately drew out the thunder spear, and the divine might burst out. out.Frozen world!The third-grade magical skills were swept out, and thousands of frost swept away, and the negative incarnations of the ancient gods that struck from all directions were quickly sealed by ice crystals. Upon seeing this, Shanghai was about to withdraw the Thunder God\’s spear, with the sound of clicking. Came.The ice crystals of the blocked negative avatars quickly shattered, and fourteen negative avatars came out intact and continued to besiege.Taishi nine styles!Shanghai\’s pupils shrank, and he played the most powerful attack.The lightning spear was like a weapon that pierced the sky, and it pierced into a negative avatar, only to see the latter twisted, and the negative avatar quickly melted away.It works…Shanghai\’s eyes showed a hint of joy, and he shot again.呲呲呲……Following the explosion of the supreme magical skill, all fourteen negative incarnations were beheaded, and Shanghai put away the Thunder Spear, ready to continue to look for battle.At this time!The earth trembled violently, cracks emerged, and some places quickly collapsed. Shanghai on the top was tense, because he felt the horror from the ancient times, it was a kind of shock to the soul. He was locked in his breath, and his soul shook violently.From the cracks in the earth, half of the head emerged, and a pair of scarlet gold eyes, as if they could penetrate the eternity, stared straight at the top of the sky…The ancient gods have awakened…Chapter 1277Chijin\’s eyes just looked at each other, and Shanghai felt like he was plunged into an endless abyss. There was a sense of suffocation in his chest, and his soul trembled more severely, as if he might break open at any time. He was the first in his life. I saw such a terrible person again.This is by no means an ordinary ancient god…Shanghai can be sure.咻咻…

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