There are very few erysipelas in the pill. Although some erysipelas will be left in her body, the factor is small. Therefore, it will be gradually cleared away in the process of daily cultivation, which will not affect her.

2021 年 11 月 16 日

Leng Yihang stood at the entrance with cold eyes, mainly to prevent the Six Profound Gods from suddenly rushing in and disturbing the practice in Shanghai. As for the long retreat, he didn\’t care, let alone a quarter of an hour, even for a thousand years. He would wait outside and let no one be disturbed.hold head high!The sound of the door opening came.Come out. Bi Yuelan and Mu Ningxue\’s two daughters suddenly showed joy, and their beautiful eyes quickly turned to the direction where the door opened.Huh! It\’s finally out. Six Profound God Venerable snorted coldly, and cast his eyes to the gate. When he saw Shanghai walking out from inside, his brows couldn\’t help but a wrinkle, and his dim old eyes showed something strange. Lulu, for some reason, watching a silver-haired Shanghai walk out, he has a strange feeling, his appearance has not changed, but his spirit is completely different.Could this kid be promoted again?The Six Profound God Venerable was stunned, his eyes fixed on Shanghai, no, it was still at the level of the Sixth World Venerable, and the power in his body did not change at all, but why did Shanghai feel completely different from before the retreat? feel?Of course, the Six Profound God Venerable couldn\’t ask, he could only secretly suppress the confusion in his heart.Let\’s go, it\’s getting late, Shangguan elders and others are still waiting. Liuxuan Shenzun said in a deep voice.Elder Shangguan also enter the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace? Shanghai couldn\’t help asking.Well, not only the Shangguan elder, but also the other three elders, will all enter the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace.When the Six Profound God Sovereign said this, he glanced at Shanghai, \”This time I entered the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace to get something. You go in. If you have a chance to get it, take it out and return it to the Perish God League. If you can’t , Just ignore it.\”A thing? Master, what is it? Bi Yuelan couldn\’t help asking.I don’t know exactly what was left by the leader of the past years. Anyway, this was explained by the elder and must be retrieved. I am going here to find this thing. This thing concerns us. The inheritance of the Perish God League in the future. Liuxuan God Venerable said.Shanghai didn’t ask any more, because even if he asked, Liuxuan Shenzun would not tell. As for the things left by the leader, although he was a little curious, he would not take it. If you take it, it might cause trouble.He was a little strange, why would the leader of the Fallen League throw such a thing in the Extreme Ice Emperor Palace? Could it be an accident that year?While thinking about it, when Shanghai resumed his reaction, he was already taken outside the palace of the elders by the Six Profound God!Outside the hall of the elders, the four elder Shangguan and others are already standing on the highest steps. Except for the elder Shangguan, there is also Xue Shenzun among them. As for the other two elders, they have also met before. As for the names, Shanghai is not clear. NS.Apart from the four elders, Shanghai also saw three familiar faces. There were three young leagues, Qianye, Xingluo, and Mo Yu.

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