Yes, the transmission array is broken. Those array mages are repairing it. It is estimated that it will take at least three days, so Jane Xi can\’t March any more. She has transmitted it almost ten times a day. Now she feels a little carsick. Taking the transmission array, she is confused.

2021 年 11 月 16 日

The Primordial Demon is one of the existences that have appeared since the first generation of the Primordial Age. As for the origin of the Primordial Demon, no one knows it. There is no record in the ancient books. It is undeniable that the more terrifying the demon is. At the top, the more terrifying.First, the Thunder God Emperor, and then the arrival of a demon…Shanghai felt that it was probably not only these two ancient emperor-level figures who had been here, but maybe even Tianyu God Emperor and others in the Four Great Emperor Palaces had also been here. What is it that once attracted those god emperors to this place. Come?After thinking for a moment, Shanghai put away his thoughts, because these mysteries cannot be solved by just thinking, but the appearance of these characters all indicates that there must be something special in the place of the ancient god Yu\’s inheritance, otherwise It is difficult to attract other god emperors to come.At the moment, let\’s get some experience first, and take advantage of this opportunity to control the power of the demons that appear in the body… Shanghai secretly said.After confronting the third bronze colossus, he felt that as long as he continued to trigger the power of demons, he might control the method of triggering demons. After all, he himself possessed the blood of ancient demons. What is contained in it is the purest demon\’s power, but he can only use it to display the regeneration of the ancient demon, and for the time being, he has not found a way to use it as the power of attack.move on……Shanghai waited for Mu Ningxue and Ji Ya to pass the third bronze colossus, and then walked towards the fourth. As he expected, the fourth bronze colossus still had the power of a demon in it, compared with the first three. The seat is even stronger, of course, the triggering of the power of the demon in his body is even more thorough.boom……Under the power of the demon, Shanghai blasted and killed the fourth bronze colossus, and continued to leave a fist mark. Although it was still very shallow, it was deeper than the previous three bronze colossus. Under the influence of his power, his temperament is quietly changing.First to feel ShanghaiIt was Mu Ningxue that changed. Her willow eyebrows frowned slightly. For some reason, she seemed to resist the changes in Shanghai. This feeling was very light and subtle, as if it were a natural resistance, but she still suppressed it. Down.Because she believed that Shanghai would never hurt her, and because she firmly believed in this, the subtle resistance in her heart also disappeared.One after another, the bronze colossus was left with fist marks by Shanghai. The first twenty bronze colossus, the three of them were relatively relaxed, but by the 30th, Ji Ya\’s face had begun to turn pale, and she suddenly Realize that I have reached the limit.Although she can only go to the thirtieth, she is already very satisfied, because before, she imagined that it would be good to pass ten. After all, these bronze colossus are the ancient god Yu\’s. The opponent, although turned into a bronze colossus, is slightly different from the real person in strength, but it will not be much worse.The strong people encountered before, both in terms of aptitude and ability, are much stronger than Ji Ya back then, and she was able to get here because of the chance she got in the Hall of Fa Transmission, although her strength was not too great. Breakthrough, but her potential has become stronger.At the thirty bronze colossus, there are not many people, there are only more than a dozen strong people, and these people are among the top generations in terms of strength and ability. Because of each other\’s jealousy, they have not communicated much.Ji Ya suddenly felt that there seemed to be some inexplicable changes in Shanghai on the side. She couldn\’t help but look at it, and her heart trembled slightly. Although there was no change in Shanghai Overseas Watch, the underlying temperament had undergone a unique transformation.pressure!For the first time, Ji Ya felt a kind of extremely domineering pressure in Shanghai. Of course, this was not the aura that Shanghai deliberately released, but a kind of potential pressure, which made her feel quite dangerous and deadly, and this pressure , As Shanghai moves forward, it becomes more and more intense.

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