\”If you have any requirements, Zhang Rong dares not to obey.\” Zhang Rong\’s attitude is more humble.

2021 年 11 月 16 日

The whole body of Biyuelan glowed with seven colors, and the seven-tone divine qin came out, intertwined in the void, and merged into Shanghai\’s body, causing his power to skyrocket by more than three times.The twin pupils exploded with an astonishing sacred light, and Shanghai shot thousands of punches in an instant. Each punch contained the ultimate magic skills. At the same time, even the Taishi emperor\’s skills were also displayed by him. Two completely different skills, but in an instant When they merge into one, the power is even more terrifying.The whole body\’s magic lines have turned into endless magic power, which is injected into these two extreme skills.Boom boom boom…The huge palm pressed down by the cover was stunned repeatedly, and the angered deity shook his whole body. His face was full of consternation. His palm could not be pressed down, and he was constantly impacted by the thousands of punches, and he could only stagnate. In situ.Bang!The giant palm was shaken back, and thousands of punches were exhausted.Both Shanghai and Bi Yuelan retreated thousands of feet, but the angry deity took a step back. Although it was only one step, it completely shocked all the strong on the ancient capital square, even the top-level He Even the others couldn\’t help but move slightly.Using the law of music to spur several times the potential… the law of music that the woman has cultivated is very strong.This silver-haired man is even more tyrannical. He knows that he is too far away from the gods. He swings thousands of punches, and every punch contains the power of the emperor… He can instantly activate thousands of emperor skills. It\’s really scary. A god from the Four Great Emperor Palaces said moved.The other gods couldn\’t help but nod and agree.Although the power of each punch is nothing in the eyes of the deity, after thousands of fists are combined, it has exploded with extremely terrifying power, which can match the deity’s angry blow. Although it is a disadvantage, It\’s already shocking.After all, the difference between the two is more than two levels.When the emperor Shengtianzhi heard the comments of her predecessors, her beautiful eyes revealed a lot of complex colors, and she was shocked to hide. When she first saw Shanghai for the first time, she was only at the level of the fifth world respect. Yue reached the peak of the Fifth World Zun…In his journey to the place of inheritance of the ancient god Emperor Yu, Shanghai even broke through to the level of the Sixth World Zun in one fell swoop, almost on par with the successors of the Four Great Palaces. I thought his potential was exhausted, but his potential seemed endless. , Jibing Emperor Palace encountered again, Shanghai has almost surpassed the ancient king and others.Now I see it again, Shanghai is even more terrifying than the last time. It is actually a blow to the gods, but it is only a disadvantage…Although it is Bi Yuelan who is behind, using the law of music to stimulate his potential, But it is also amazing.Although it resisted a blow, its realm is still too low. How to match a god. A god from the Four Great Emperor Palaces shook his head and sighed. The sixth world god can achieve this level, almost comparable to the Holy Heavenly Emperor. If they grow up, it is inevitable that they will be in the position of the gods in the future. However, the Shanghai two have no chance to grow up, and the Swire Alliance will not easily let them go.The eyes of the angered gods were full of anger. As a god, his suppressed palm was shook back by two younger generations, and his face was almost lost under the eyes of everyone, and the five fingers of his right hand shook slightly. , The vast power of the gods is constantly encircling and condensing between the five fingers.In an instant!The entire inner square trembled slightly.

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