After coming out, Jane Xi swept her divine knowledge and found that Xiao Siyu fell asleep on the bed in her room. She had not forgotten to pull a blanket to cover her small belly. Her long eyelashes hung like a small Pu fan. Her fat little face was red, and there was a trace of liquid flowing from the corners of her mouth.

2021 年 11 月 16 日

Second brother, you let others prepare for battle, I\’ll go to the evil clan to take a look.Eight brother, the evil race is not easy to provoke. Their patriarch has lived for three times, and his body is extremely terrifying…The strength is also terrifying, or I will go with you. Ling Xuanhu said.No, I can fly by. If I encounter danger, I will retreat immediately. Shanghai said.this……Let the eighth brother go, I won\’t be able to help when I go, maybe it will become a burden, with the eighth brother\’s ability, there shouldn\’t be much problem. Lingxuanjian said.Um!Afterwards, Lingxuanhu and others returned to the clan and began to make urgent preparations. Around the valley, densely packed stone thorns were arranged. These stone thorns were ground out by the people of the spirit and gods. They were mainly used for defense. The traps were all over the valley.Without strength and realm, the battle is the same as ordinary people, relying on various traps and main defenses.The evil race is about five hundred miles away from the spirit god line. It is one of the nearest tribes and a mortal enemy of the spirit god line. Since entering this place more than a hundred years ago, the evil race has often come to harass. Many children of the spirits and gods died at the hands of the evil race.In order to rush over as quickly as possible, Shanghai used the mysterious qi in his body to mobilize other mysterious qi in his body and swept towards the area where the evil race was located.An hour later, Shanghai fell on a hillside, and what he saw before his eyes was a small city built with huge stones. Every rock on this city was stained with a lot of dried blood, and there were even a lot of bones piled up. Above, there are a large number of human bones.At the entrance of the tribe, surrounded by a group of tribesmen, these people are tall, rough-skinned, and ugly, even women.Whoa, whoa…There was a call, and the tribesmen who had surrounded themselves stood up one after another and gathered in the city. Nearly 30,000 evil tribesmen quickly gathered in the center of the city. There was a high platform there and one above it. A stone seat carved from stone.咚咚…There was a huge voice, and only a three-foot-long, huge evil race came to the high platform. As this person appeared, all the evil races cheered.This should be the leader of the evil race… Shanghai stared at the city five miles away. Although his power and realm were lost, his perception still existed. The distance of five miles was not far away, standing high. You can see everything clearly.Ow…The leader of the evil tribe raised his head and screamed and raised his hands high. \”Everyone, tell you the good news. A new tribe we are close to has gotten a lot of food from somewhere. This food is enough for our tribe. Eat for a long, long time, and you won’t be hungry anymore.\”Wow……

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