If they do not rely on brute force, they believe that it is impossible for Liu Shengtao to crack it with their current experience. Even Hongye will not be very relaxed.

2021 年 11 月 16 日

The first three are all figures above the god emperor, ranking at the top, and the ancestors in the early days are even more terrifying, they have reached the level of half immortals, and even transported out of a world, although the source is not shaped. The world, but it is also extremely amazing.If none of these characters can achieve the position of god emperor with their bodies, who can do it? Or is it that no one has been able to do this since ancient times? What are the benefits of becoming an emperor? Overwhelming the gods and emperors? Above the old immortal and others?Although the old undead and others are above the god emperor, they are still at the level of the god emperor, but they are higher than the other god emperors.Above the gods and emperors, could it be immortal?However, Shanghai learned from the Emperor Xiaoyao that in order to become an immortal, one must cultivate to the extreme and undergo ten transformations.Just as Shanghai was full of questions and was about to inquire, seven rays of light had fallen in the sky, covering Wu Tian.In an instant!Everything was still, including space and time, all the power flowing around disappeared, and then dense cracks appeared in the void. The void of this immortal land was firm to the extreme. Except for the god emperor, the rest of the people It can\’t be broken at all.Now it\’s split…How terrifying is the power of this seventh calamity.boom……The stage of Zhengdi twisted, all the light disappeared, Shanghai felt the deadly danger, and quickly pulled up the purple fox, spurred all the power with all its strength, and swept down the steps. Even so, his body still suffered terror. Aftermath cutting.Severe pain came from the whole body, Shanghai\’s left half of the body had disappeared, and the purple fox was pulled in front of him by him, so he just suffered some injuries.Are you okay? Zihu worried.It\’s okay, I can\’t die.Shanghai took a breath of air-conditioning. Under the rebirth of the ancient demon, the left half of his body quickly recovered. He had already reached the bottom step, and there was such a terrifying aftermath. If you take a step slower, I\’m afraid The consequences could be disastrous.In fact, not only the two of Shanghai were affected, but even the strong outside Zhengditai were greatly affected. They were not as lucky as Shanghai. At least in Zhengditai, there were fifteen divine emperors left behind. The power of Emperor Wen and Emperor Wei to resist the aftermath, but not outside.The blasting force crushed past, and many gods were crushed to fly ashes on the spot, and they didn\’t even know how to die, and some of the quasi god emperors hiding in the dark were also shocked to pale, even some He was shocked to vomit blood, and a hapless quasi-god emperor was blasted to shattered limbs and his vitality was severely injured because he got too close.Even the three people of Yinmei were embarrassed by the aftermath of the impact, and they urged the force to resist. Although they were finally blocked, all three of them suffered minor injuries to varying degrees. This made the three people of Yinmei annoyed. It\’s just watching the excitement, but it\’s still being affected. If you don\’t see the situation just now, and immediately return to flee, I\’m afraid it\’s not as simple as being slightly injured.That kid is inside, won\’t he be shaken to death, right? An ancient god worriedly asked.Probably not. Although that kid has a lower realm, his physique is extremely terrifying, and the power of attack and killing is beyond imagination. With this ability, it shouldn\’t be a big problem.

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