Zhang Dahai nodded.

2021 年 11 月 17 日

Bang…He slammed into the corner of the main hall, and the body that had been repaired suddenly broke apart, but the emperor was not dead yet, so he stared at Xianlong with great bitterness.Xianlong…no, you stopped me for so many years, and now you come again…you stinky boy, I should have killed you back then.There is so much nonsense, you want to kill me? Then I will kill you first. Xianlong stepped on the head of the emperor.Wait a minute, don\’t kill him first. Shanghai hurriedly shouted.But it was too late, Xianlong stepped on the head of the emperor.At that time, a strong astral power surged from the broken head, and the immortal emperor turned into a astral body, with a hideous and spiteful face.What if my body is destroyed? My soul has already been re-refined. As long as the soul is immortal, it will never die. The immortal emperor\’s eyes suddenly turned to Shanghai. You will lose so much… your body, just give me compensation.\”boom……The soul of the immortal emperor swept over, and the power of the rolling soul was shaking, making the heart tremble.Brother Hao, be careful… Mu Ningxue changed her expression suddenly, and quickly shot, but her power hit the soul, but it was difficult to shake it.Brother Hao… Mu Ningxue paled with fright.No… how come, why is there a fellow in your knowledge sea…Quack… old guy, you have lived for so many years. This soul power is really strong. It is a pity that you only know a little bit of the ancient soul master ability, not my opponent. The ancient soul master gave a weird smile. Then came the screams of the emperor.A stream of astral power was decomposed, and nearly 90% of the astral power was injected into the soul of Shanghai.Your kid actually took away 90%… The loss is huge, and the soul power that I finally gathered together, even if I absorb this, it will only barely return to the original. The ancient soul master was unwilling to be so strong. He added that his soul did not know how to make wedding dresses for Shanghai in the end.With the influx of these astral powers, Shanghai suddenly felt an inexplicable feeling, a feeling that I haven\’t experienced in a long time.Eighth death…The eighth death of Nine Death Fairy is coming soon. Shanghai doesn\’t know how long it will take, but it shouldn\’t be too long.Nine Deaths Immortal Art, every death is extremely dangerous, Shanghai is not sure that he will be able to survive the eighth death, but he will not give up the hope of life.

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