Mom, my little sister came to stay for two days and do something. Li sinang looked at the old lady across the street.

2021 年 11 月 17 日

It was not cold tonight, and they were depressed in the hotel. Jane Xinyan took her daughter\’s hand for a walk. When she was tired or cold, she took a taxi. Jane Xi breathed the fresh air outside and wanted to go for a walk. Although she retaliated on the spot for Yu Tan, she thought about it herself. She responded to a sentence on the Internet: I don\’t remember revenge, but I usually revenge on the spot. But thinking about such people, I still feel disgusting from my heart. The two strolled around, chatting softly, and strolling under the yellow street lights. The \”four seafood\” was a little far from the city. At this time, only occasional vehicles passed through the street. Except for the two of them, they could hardly see other pedestrians. At first, they didn\’t feel anything, but when they walked, they felt a little afraid. At this time, they just passed the intersection of an alley, Facing the middle of the road, they were about to stop a taxi home when they suddenly heard a terrible scream in the direction of the alley behind them, which made the two hairs stand up at that time. They suddenly turned around and looked at the direction of the sound. Jian Xinyan saw the dark inside of the alley and couldn\’t see anything, Jane Xi carried the aura to her eyes, but saw a picture that made her regret. The food she had just eaten in her stomach immediately rushed up. She quickly turned and ran to the tree by the side of the road and vomited at the root of the tree. He took out a wet towel and wiped his mouth. Seeing that Jane Xinyan had recruited a taxi, he quickly got into the car, quickly left this terrible place and drove home. Along the way, Jane Xinyan looked at Jane Xi\’s pale face and hurriedly asked her what was the matter, but Jane Xi only said that she suddenly vomited because she smelled too much smoke in the hotel and her stomach was uncomfortable. Jane Xinyan was half convinced, but she didn\’t ask again, but the scream made her tremble with fear. She tried to calm down and don\’t scare her daughter any more, But she just couldn\’t control it. In her panic, Jane Xi also felt Jane Xinyan\’s fear. They held her hand and comforted each other. It was better. The driver looked at the two beauties who were obviously frightened from the rearview mirror. He didn\’t know what was going on, but he was not very talkative, so he didn\’t ask. Just drive the car to the destination. However, after a while, he understood what the two beauties were afraid of, because Jane Xinyan had dialed the 110 police call. The scream was too penetrating. It would never be a slapstick or joke. Jane Xinyan was sure, so she called the police. The frightened Jane Xi didn\’t know that their mother and daughter were standing on the roadside, and the street lamps were shining. Their situation had been clearly seen by the shadow in the dark. When they got home, it was very late. Grandpa Jane and Mrs. Fang were already asleep. Jane Xinyan and Jane Xi crept upstairs to wash. For the first time, their mother and daughter slept in the same room. There was no other way. They were afraid. Lying alone in the room, they were afraid, so they crowded into a bed. Fortunately, there was a god of war to accompany them. For a long time, they comforted each other, Jian Xinyan just fell asleep. When Jian Xi saw Jian Xinyan fall asleep, she slowly sat up and looked at the God of war who was wronged and sleeping in the dog kennel, but her mind was full of scenes seen on the roadside. What a terrible scene! Jane Xi has never seen dead people. She has seen the most people killed in a car accident. She can\’t help it. There is a section of her mother\’s house in her previous life where accidents are high. There are always some traffic accidents from time to time. Jane Xi can always see all kinds of dead bodies during school or work in her previous life, so generally, she won\’t be too afraid of dead people. She should eat when she comes home, Drink when you should, but this time, she was really scared. Is that still a body? The fallen eyes and scattered internal organs were covered with so many insects, blood everywhere, broken meat, red and white, and the terrible insects were covered with those broken meat. At the thought of this, Jane Xi couldn\’t help feeling excited again and didn\’t dare to think any more. However, she seemed to see a dark shadow in the corner behind the pile of corpses, At that time, she was only afraid and didn\’t see clearly. She thought of the event she gradually forgot, the frequent missing persons case, and the several homicides that made the forensic doctors vomit. Was it the same case as what she had seen before? Although Jane Xi has begun to cultivate immortality, she is not a policeman after all. In a society ruled by law, she rarely sees dead people except in car accidents, let alone such a scene. As a woman, she is now a girl. From beginning to end, she is most afraid of insects or soft animals, such as snakes. But today, the corpse was crawling with all kinds of insects, very, very disgusting, and the ground… Jane Xi is really frightened that her hair is standing up to now. She got out of bed quietly and sat cross legged on the floor near the window. This time, she didn\’t want to take a cushion to sit below. The God of war stood up vigilantly, got out of a dog kennel and lay down beside Jane Xi. It seemed that she felt Jane Xi\’s tension and wrong. She took the brain bag and gently rubbed Jane Xi\’s arm. Jane Xi gently stroked its soft and smooth hair, Bend down and put your face close to the head of the God of war and feel its warmth. It\’s better for a long time. Let go of it. When you look back and see that Jane Xinyan is sleeping heavily, you tidy up your posture, five hearts to the sky, close your eyes, empty your mind as much as possible and don\’t think about anything. However, it\’s still difficult to calm down for a long time. You move your stiff body and start over, After repeated many times, it was easy to achieve the realm of empty and dark. The body was covered with invisible light, absorbing the power of stars and the aura of heaven and earth. She opened her eyes for a long time. At this time, Jane Xi had completely calmed down and had no fear at the beginning. She took a deep breath and looked at the God of war who heard the movement and opened her eyes. She smiled. The God of war seemed to be in touch with her. She hugged it with her rewarding texture, kissed it, and then looked at her mobile phone. It was more than 2:00 in the second midnight, She got up and went back to bed. She looked at Jian Xinyan who was sleeping uneasily. She gently pressed her temple and crossed into a trace of aura. Slowly, Jian Xinyan\’s eyebrows opened, her expression was calm, her breathing calmed down and fell into a deep sleep. Jane Xi got into the quilt, silently said good night to the God of war, turned off the lamp, gathered the soft quilt around her neck, closed her eyes, and soon fell asleep. At this time, Yu Tan, deputy director, was lying beside the toilet at home, spitting. There were women\’s drinking and swearing in the house from time to time. At this time, deputy director Yu couldn\’t spit out anything. His nose and tears were all over his face. The whole bathroom was in a mess and smelly. There was a bruised wound on Yu Tan\’s forehead, which was bleeding eagerly, It was even more embarrassing to be smeared red by his own hands, but now he was confused and didn\’t know. Just the sound of drinking and swearing from the house knew what he had become of that woman\’s anger. The next day, deputy director Yu didn\’t go to class. It\’s not that he didn\’t want to go, but that he really couldn\’t go. He had a hangover. At least his wife got him into bed, or else he couldn\’t. after he vomited, he slept in the bathroom, and his wife and children had to go to the bathroom, didn\’t he? His wife couldn\’t help it. After he vomited, she came to the bathroom, scolded and cleaned him up, wiped his face with a wet towel, took a glass of water for him to rinse his mouth, took off his dirty clothes, wiped him with a towel, changed him a set of clean pajamas, drove him to bed with her son and covered him, She wrapped the wound on his forehead with gauze and prepared a large cup of cold boiled water at the head of the bed before she let the child go to bed. She cleaned up the bathroom, washed and wiped his clothes, and washed his clothes until there was no smell in the bathroom. She washed her hands and face as clean as new, hammered her sore waist, and returned to her son\’s room, She slept with her son. She was too sleepy and tired. The next morning, after Yu Tan\’s wife made breakfast and sent her son away, she heated a large bowl of millet porridge in the pot. There were two dishes of fresh pickles on the table. After cleaning up herself, she also went to work. When Yu Tan woke up thirsty, he saw that the cold boiled water in the big glass on the bedside table had been consumed by him. He staggered to the kitchen, shook the boiling water pot, which was still full of water, so he poured another big glass, drank it all in one breath, and then staggered back to bed and went to bed. Before going to bed, he looked at his watch. It was already more than nine o\’clock, but it was too late anyway, I won\’t go. It\’s really hard to say. Chapter 58 \”Huosheng\” in the Jin Dynasty

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