Hello, comrade. I\’m shopping for the village. Can you take all these things for me?

2021 年 11 月 17 日

So the God of war always followed her to class. During the recess, Jian Xi and Xin Yu went to the courtyard with no obvious interval like the Suzhou garden outside, chatting and teasing the God of war. During this period, other Fang children in the same class greeted them, very polite, and their speech and behavior showed their good cultivation, Among them are the legitimate children who had dinner together last night. In this way, there are two classes in the morning and two classes in the afternoon. After eating food comparable to the standard of star hotels in the small canteen at noon, someone came to Jane Xi and said that it was the owner\’s invitation. When Jian Xi came to Fang Hongyuan\’s study again, Fang Hongyuan and another old man older than him were sitting in the study drinking tea and chatting. \”Xi\’er is coming. Come on, Grandpa, let me introduce you.\” Fang Hongyuan said with a smile when he saw Jane Xi entering the study. \”This is the supreme elder of the family and my elder. My uncle Fang Qingshan, please call him Zeng Shuzu,\” Fang Hongyuan said with a smile. \”Good uncle Zeng\” Jian Xi stood there and bowed deeply to Fang Qingshan. \”OK, OK, are you Jane Xi, the grandson of Ruoyu girl?\” the old man was very kind and asked Fang Ruoyu, a 60 year old girl. Jane Xi was stunned when she heard it. \”Well, yes.\” Jane Xi didn\’t say much and answered what she asked. Then Fang Hongyuan asked Jane Xi to find a chair to sit down and talk. Jane Xi was not polite. Obediently, she found a chair not far from them and sat down. After that, Fang Qingshan asked Jian Xi a few more questions. They were nothing more than some knowledge of array arrangement, but they were very superficial. Jian Xi responded quite fluently, and some of the answers made Fang Qingshan couldn\’t help applauding. Fang Hongyuan said that Fang Qingshan is the most knowledgeable person in the family about Qimen dunjia, so he has to meet this younger generation who doesn\’t know if he is talking big this time. After some argumentation, many of Fang Qingshan\’s doubts were answered by Jian Xi. Fang Qingshan was relieved. After discussing with Fang Hongyuan, he thought the child was reliable, so he agreed and gave Jian Xi a map of the Fang family. On the map, both the mountains, rivers and houses around the Fang family were clearly marked, Originally, Jane Xi planned to search with the satellite map, but here is a blur. The satellite and Ben can\’t see clearly. I think it has something to do with the natural array. Now, seeing this map, Jian Xi has more confidence and put the map away. Jian Xi explained to the two old people that he had to go back and calculate the materials needed for the array. He will give them tomorrow, so he left and went back to the classroom. Then he took the course in the afternoon and went back to study with grandpa in the evening. The next morning, Jian Xi gave Fang Hongyuan the map and a few pages of paper. Fang Hongyuan took it and found that there were many things he didn\’t know. Fortunately, there were substitutes in the brackets, but there were still some things he didn\’t know, so Fang Hongyuan led Jian Xi to the warehouse of the Fang family. The gatekeeper took out the key and inserted it into the keyhole. Fang Hongyuan also took out one and inserted it into another keyhole. He opened a small door with two palms, and a password lock was exposed. After Fang Hongyuan entered the password, the heavy alloy door was opened. \”Xi\’er, this is the important warehouse of the Fang family. There are some materials collected by the Fang family for more than a thousand years. We don\’t know what they are. Look, do you have the materials you need?\” Fang Hongyuan said to Jian Xi. \”Well, OK\” Jane Xi looked at the huge space in front of her, neatly stacked with all kinds of metals, minerals, jade and so on, emitting all kinds of blurred glitter. For a moment, Jane Xi was dazzled by E, deeply adjusted her breathing, and then gathered her memory about these materials while communicating with Jane Nan in the ring, because she can\’t recognize all these materials in front of her only by relying on ancient books and Professor Jian Nan\’s written things. Knowledge is dead, and some things have to be compared with real objects. Walking slowly, Fang Hongyuan didn\’t bother him. He asked two men to follow him and take charge of recording. Just followed Jane Xi and looked at the younger generation in front to carefully choose. \”This is\’ constant sand ore \’, which is a lot, but we can\’t use these, just take one-third.\”. \”This is the \’iron essence\’, but only these two pieces are not enough. Let\’s find another alternative.\”

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