Li Siwen usually doesn\’t stand out at home, but if it involves his own interests, he will certainly not give up.

2021 年 11 月 17 日

Please come in \”Miss Jane, my young master asked me to inform you that the meeting will begin in half an hour,\” said a twenty-seven or eight year old maid softly after bending down and saluting. \”OK, I\’ll clean up now. Thank you,\” Jane Xi smiled. \”Well, what else do you need me to do?\” Jane Xi took out her mobile phone and looked at it. It\’s already 7:30. She didn\’t let the maid disturb her for dinner, so she didn\’t eat. Before, in order to fear the solid state, she forgot to eat. There\’s still half an hour to eat by herself. \”Can you help me prepare some meals? I\’m a little hungry, so I\’d better hurry up,\” Jane Xi asked. If it\’s slow, she won\’t eat. After all, she\’s in the golden age. It\’s nothing to eat for a few months, but it\’s not so easy to change her habit that she has developed for a long time. \”Oh, it\’s ready for the young lady. I\’ll bring it to you,\” replied the maid, obviously ready. Then he turned and went out to collect the food. Sure enough, the food came quickly. Four dishes and one soup were very exquisite and overflowing with aroma. Jane Xi sat down, picked up chopsticks and ate. Enjoying delicious food is a kind of enjoyment, not just for satiety. Jane Xi eats it gracefully and quickly. Look at the time. There are still 15 minutes. After rinsing, she simply cleans herself up and goes out of the door. Yu Muyang has stood in the courtyard waiting for her, and they fly to the direction of the gathering hall. In the gathering hall, most of the people have been seated. Everyone knows that Daiyu gate has important discussions, but they don\’t know what it is. Everyone is baffled. However, Daiyu gate where yuhuatian is located has always been the first of the four major gates, and he is also righteous and honest, so his popularity has always been the best in Kun garden, So his call was also answered by all the sects. Before the meeting started, everyone was whispering about the purpose of the meeting. Someone also asked yuhuatian. Yuhuatian smiled but didn\’t answer. He just said that they would know in a moment. At this time, two people came in at the door, which immediately attracted the eyes of all the people in the hall. \”It\’s really a couple of gods and immortals.\” almost everyone feels the same about the two people in front of them. Feeling everyone\’s eyes, Yu Muyang\’s rare handsome face turned red. Jian Xi was also a little unnatural, because in front of these people, the youngest, Yu Muyang\’s father, was almost 60, but the oldest was 150 or 60 years old. They were stared at by so many old people who were older than their grandparents. It was impossible to be natural. \”Headmaster Yu, didn\’t you say that our headmaster and elders can attend this meeting? Why –\” this is the voice of Wei Chi Lin, the later head of the Yuchi family. He was very curious about why the Aizi of the Yuchang family and the girl came in, so he asked. \”Hehe, that girl is the protagonist of today\’s meeting. How can she be successful if she doesn\’t come?\” yuhuatian replied with a smile. \”Why are so many people missing? It\’s time. Why didn\’t the people from Baiming sect, Jinqi sect and blood knife sect come?\” someone asked. Chapter 273 the most important meeting in Kunyuan (I) \”Old friend of weichi, don\’t you know that the Baiming sect will never come again?\” Huo Lailiang, the leader of the Huo family, said to weichi Lin, the leader of the weichi family.

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