The old lady\’s voice was so loud that everyone else heard it.

2021 年 11 月 17 日

Since childhood, he liked Jane Xi, but later he knew that this might be the delusion of his generation, so he buried all his love for Jane Xi deeply in his heart and no longer showed a trace. He would silently guard her in the dark and look at her, which was enough. So this time, Jane Xi asked him to do something. He finally did it perfectly without missing anyone. However, Jane Xi gave him a large capacity CD, but he secretly backed up one. Solar batteries, laptops and other commonly used electronic products on the earth were prepared by everyone when they were on the earth. In the CD, it was that night that Jian Xi gave a recital on the Bank of the pool. The beautiful girl on the picture, the passionate interpretation of each music, shook Tianhao\’s heart. There is also a video for all the family recorded by Jane Xi herself. The video introduces her recent situation and whereabouts, as well as some plans in the short term. She can\’t go back for the time being, and her missing for them Later, Tianhao didn\’t know. Almost everyone copied a copy of Jian Xi\’s CD-ROM and collected it. When it\’s all right, he will take it out and put it on the computer, and then review the face he has missed for a long time. After Liu Shengtao also left Tonghua mainland, he returned to the original point again. There was still one year before the end of the Dan normal university meeting. There was still one year and eight months before the entry examination of xuantianzong. However, the public security in Tonghua city was relatively good, so Jian Xi didn\’t plan to move any more, so she continued for another year. Anyway, she would refine pills, There will be no shortage of spiritual stones. Here, the Dan teachers\’ guild will provide her with all the spiritual materials for alchemy, and a group of experienced alchemy masters such as Dan Yunzi who can jointly explore the way of Dan. In this year, in addition to alchemy, they will also form teams with some monks in Tonghua city to hunt monsters in the nearby forest, so as to improve their actual combat ability and practice some of their newly learned magical powers and spells. The alchemy was promoted to the sixth level alchemist without surprise and danger, but no one knew it. The spiritual materials needed for the six products of Dan medicine were received by Dan Yunzi. Everyone thought that Dan Yunzi used them himself, but the fact was that Jian Xi went to Dan Yunzi to get the spiritual materials, refined them into Dan, took 20% of the Dan, handed them to Dan Yunzi, and Dan Yunzi handed them over to the Dan teachers\’ Guild. While Jane Xi deserves the corresponding points, danyunzi compensates Jane Xi in other forms. Everything goes on silently, and everything happens unconsciously. Jianxi is always proud of the success rate of alchemy. Now, when refining five products of pills, Jianxi\’s success rate has reached more than 95%, and the pills of three circles of pills are at least more than 50%. Therefore, a small part of her pills are handed over to danyunzi, and most of them will be auctioned in the auction house. Of course, only a few pills of three circles of pills are auctioned, She saved most of them for her family. So now, she has no shortage of spirit stone, no shortage of elixir, and no shortage of points. When there are two months before the final end of the Dan master conference, her full cultivation in her infancy is as likely to break out at any time as the strong wine that is about to overflow the wine cup. On that night, Jane Xi was in her cave, surrounded by a lot of top-grade spirit stones. She sat cross legged in several heavy spirit gathering arrays, and the spirit in all directions wanted to drill into her body. She has now reached the point where she can\’t break through. For herself, as long as she has enough spiritual stones, she doesn\’t need pills for the time being. She just wants to experiment in person. Can\’t she break through without passing the pills? The rich aura is almost liquid, which wraps Jian Xi in the middle, and even people can\’t see clearly. Jian Xi tries his best to run the whole body\’s aura, wrapped with the newly entered aura, and runs, absorbs and expands the meridians in circles. Most of the aura is absorbed by Yuan Ying in the Dantian. Yuan Ying is like a real person, opening his mouth and desperately spitting out, Change yourself. Until the evening of the next day, Jianxi\’s room suddenly emitted a strong light, which was as dazzling as golden rosy clouds. In the golden light, a white and fat baby flew out of Jianxi\’s head, jumped silently in the room, and absorbed the golden light of the whole room at the same time, until the last golden light was absorbed, After the room was restored to its original state, the little baby belched contentedly, then drilled into Jane Xi\’s Dantian again, sat with his eyes closed, opened his mouth slightly and breathed in, as if digesting the big meal just now. After waiting for a moment, Jane Xi opened her eyes. Her eyes were bright and happy. \”Yes, it\’s successful\”. Without taking Po Lei Dan, she also broke through this great realm. She was very proud of herself. However, at the next moment, she didn\’t look around. In addition to some dust on the ground, there were only a few hundred sparse top-grade spirit stones. Yes? Once back before liberation? She can\’t remember how many times she took the spirit stone outside to provide the massive aura she needed for her breakthrough. However, anyway, her preparation is fortunately sufficient. Otherwise, she\’s not sure whether it can be enough. If it\’s not enough, she\’ll have to force herself to take Po Lei Dan. She can\’t give up halfway. If she doesn\’t succeed, The next breakthrough will be more difficult. I\’m afraid it\’s difficult to make a breakthrough by relying solely on yourself. You must also use broken thunder Dan. Using it at that time is not as successful as this time,

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