I was surprised at the beginning that I can take a car without walking. I don\’t want to take a car anymore.

2021 年 11 月 21 日

All the spirit stones have been cut into the same size and neatly built into flat cave walls and roofs. The ground, including the foot, is paved with spirit stones. The milky white channel has been surrounded by spirit. \”Enjoy!\” Jane Xi looked at both ends of the channel. There was a turning point, so she didn\’t know where to start or where to end. She could only find one direction to start walking. After turning n corners, Jane Xi finally came to a transmission array cabin, but she didn\’t dare to go up for the time being, but turned around and walked back. After turning back n corners, she saw the hole hollowed out by herself, took a corner of her mouth, and then walked forward. I don\’t know, what\’s that over there? After turning a corner, there was a straight passage. Jane Xi looked ahead. The Friar\’s excellent eyesight allowed her to see the end. There were two exquisite doors at that end. Jane Xi walked briskly to the door and pushed it gently, but she didn\’t expect that her finger belly seemed to have been stabbed. She suddenly retracted her hand and saw the blood beads emerging from the belly of her right little finger. She gently shook them off. After careful experience, she had no other reaction. It should be non-toxic. She was looking up at the culprit stabbing herself, An old voice rang. However, I will also leave you my skills. You can see the right people to help me inherit them. In those days, we had an old friend who was good at divination. He once gave us a divination, saying that the inheritance would be obtained by a little girl with chaotic spiritual roots. We didn\’t believe it at first, but now we have to believe it. We really lost a mess in the bet that year. \”Lou shuhuan said with a smile on his back, and didn\’t feel any chagrin about losing the bet at all. \”This maze is originally the trial road set by us. As long as you are recognized by us, you will get some benefits, but it is not without danger. Without dangerous trials, you can\’t test a person\’s potential and temperament. You are very good and good to our temperament. Your qualifications are much better than I expected. Flying should be for you There is no problem, but the premise is that you have to survive safely and raise your strength to the level that others look up to in this dangerous world. Well, don\’t say these first, accept the inheritance of this seat first. \”Lou shuhuan\’s voice just fell. Before Jane Xi was ready, she felt a beam of light burst into her mind, A large section of information enters the sea of knowledge and is automatically sorted out by Jane Xi. There are skills, magical powers, spells and some miscellaneous knowledge. However, Jian Xi also tasted these things. Most of them are water system or ice system. After a long time of trouble, Lou shuhuan was not water attribute or ice attribute spiritual root. Otherwise, he would not be so targeted. However, this is also a good thing for Jian Xi. Her mother Jian Xinyan is a water born monastic root, while Xin Yu is an ice attribute alien root. Both of their qualifications are quite good and suitable. Jian Xi is also very happy. \”Little girl, it\’s not over yet. These information is just for you to help me find successors, not just for yourself. You can also use magic powers and spells, and pass them on for me.\” Lou shuhuan smiled. After the image sleeve was waved gently, Jian Xi felt that there was something more in her hand. \”Ring?\” Jane Xi whispered in surprise when she saw the simple storage ring in her hand. \”Yes! This is a large storage ring, but there are bad things in it, but the best things can\’t be taken out until you recognize the Lord,\” Lou shuhuan reminded. Jane Xi hurriedly dropped a drop of blood. After reciting the Dharma formula and recognizing the Lord, her divine knowledge went into the ring. She heard Lou shuhuan\’s voice and said, \”there is a black sign with the word \’fan\’ engraved on it. Well, take it out.\”. Jian Xiyi Yan found the sign, took it out and put it in the palm of her hand. This sign is smaller than her palm. Except for the word \”fan\” engraved on it, she can\’t see anything special. If you turn it over, it\’s still a word \”fan\”. It\’s cold. In addition, Jane Xi really can\’t see anything. She looks up at the figure of Shu Huan on the wall in confusion. \”This brand is the center that controls the whole maze. As long as you refine it, you will refine the whole maze. This maze originally belongs to the magic weapon of space, but it can\’t be brought to the fairyland by us. Unfortunately, it\’s a pity that if we had a small world where even immortals are jealous, we wouldn\’t throw this baby here,\” Lou shuhuan said, Let Jane Xi\’s heart jump. He didn\’t, but she did. If she guessed wrong, Xi Yuanxing should be a small world, but she has no comparison in size. Hearing this, Jane Xi couldn\’t help looking forward to it. Without saying anything else, is it bad that Lou shuhuan, an old monster who has soared, still remembers the cave? So, Jane Xi began to recognize the Lord and refine. Although this small brand is very small, it takes a lot of effort to refine. Jane Xi sat here with her knees crossed. She never lacked aura, but it took a long time. For three days, Jane Xi did not move until the black sign in her hand suddenly turned into the size of rice grains and penetrated her forehead. At this time, Lou shuhuan, who had disappeared from the wall, appeared again and said with a smile: \”It seems that it\’s refining. Everything in this cave is left to you. Make good use of it. After you fly to the fairyland in the future, you can come to me! I\’m still looking forward to your arrival. At that time, I\’ll take you to meet the person who bet with me. It\’s a wonderful person. Hehe, goodbye, little girl. Oh, I should talk to you like this Goodbye. Goodbye, Jane. Goodbye in the fairyland. \”

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