Hao Jianhong pointed to the position close to the door and said, you just sit there. No one is sitting there.

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Zhang Rong is a good housekeeper and a conscientious housekeeper. With him, Jane Xi is very relieved and doesn\’t have to be bothered by these vulgar things. Although the six maids have poor qualifications, they are not bad with Zhang Rong\’s teaching and Jian Xi\’s skills, so their lives will be much better than their original tracks, So they spare no effort to do what they should do. In this cave, not only Jian Xi, but also night wind, night rain, Jian Qingyang and Jian Dongjian often live here, so these six people are still very useful. Zhang Rong watched the young lady leave. After sighing for a while, he turned around and looked at the things on Xiyuan mountain. Seeing that the six maids had done everything well, he calmly returned to the small gathering array in his room and began to practice. After Jian Xi left the cave, he went to the East. That direction was to the second elder martial Sister Zhang Xiaolin and the fourth elder martial brother Wen Quan\’s cave. Then he went further and crossed two mountains to the cave of Master Li Zhiyu. In recent years, Li Zhiyu has been really good to Jane Xi. Jane Xi is still very grateful to this master. Although she can\’t practice the skills she has practiced, she can\’t catch up with her practice experience and understanding of Taoism for many years. This is a great help to Jane Xi. No matter how indifferent other senior brothers are to her, she is just a master, Already let her not exclude, and accept this small circle, accept such a relationship between relatives and friends. Fourth elder martial brother Wen Quan is in his forties. This is probably because he achieved success in cultivation later! He is thin and gentle, but he has a kind of alienation and indifference engraved in his bones. He is not arrogant, but he has some arrogance. In short, he is a role that Jane Xi can\’t get close to. His accomplishments are now in the late stage of integration. Like when Jian Xi started, he didn\’t make any progress, and Jian Xi unexpectedly met him at the entrance of the second elder martial sister\’s cave. Of course, the second elder martial Sister Zhang Xiaolin was also present. They seemed to be saying something and had some disputes. However, when they saw Jane\’s reluctance, they shut up and stopped talking. Jane Xi didn\’t inquire about other people\’s hobbies. She pretended that she didn\’t find their differences. She greeted them with a smile, \”what a coincidence, second elder martial sister and fourth elder martial brother!\” Wen Quan just nodded slightly at Jian Xi. Her face was still indifferent and alienated, while Zhang Xiaolin barely picked up a radian at the corner of her lips, which made Jian Xi see that she was in a bad mood, but reluctantly made herself look more natural. Jane Xi didn\’t want them to be embarrassed by her appearance. She wanted to say hello and leave. However, when she looked at Wenquan again, it was obvious that when she didn\’t exist, her face changed. Then she converged and disappeared. She smiled and saluted and left. Chapter 620 Longwu tea Jane Xi went to master Li Zhiyu\’s cave. She didn\’t fly there. She just walked quickly in the mountains. She was dressed in white and shuttled between the spirit trees of the green trees, like an elf in the forest. But her mood is far from as relaxed as it seems. She just found that the fourth senior brother Wen Quan, who has just returned from the task, has also become a demon cultivation. However, his practice days are short and his evil spirit is not strong. Otherwise, it is estimated that he has already broken through the current post integration period? Jane Xi\’s heart is heavy. Has magic cultivation penetrated into her martial brothers? How could such a proud person become a demon? Jane Xi can\’t understand that Wen Quan\’s cultivation is not low. How can he catch the magic cultivation? She can\’t dare to expose her ability to see through the demon cultivation like an ostrich. Otherwise, she can\’t guarantee her safety around her. Finally, she came to the bamboo forest in front of the master\’s cave and said in a loud voice, \”master, disciple Jian Xi came to see you.\”. \”Come in, Xi\’er, you haven\’t seen the master for a month.\” Li Zhiyu\’s magnetic voice sounded. Jane Xi heard the sound and entered the forest. At this time, a quiet path automatically appeared in the bamboo forest. Along this path, Jane Xi listened to the ethereal and beautiful piano sound in the bamboo forest and hurried to the master. At this time, Li Zhiyu was sitting cross legged in the bamboo forest, sitting on the futon, stroking the ancient Qin and playing melodious music, making some beautiful spiritual birds and small animals flicker in the bamboo or grass, as if listening to the beautiful sound of the Qin. When Li Zhiyu saw the little apprentice coming, he stopped playing. Under his white hair, his young face looked at Jian Xi gently. There was only a bullet in his hand, and a delicate Futon appeared opposite.

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