The house is also clean. There is a wooden cabinet by the bed. There is nothing in it.

2021 年 11 月 21 日

Chapter XIX sexy girl all morning, Fang Yang\’s stall was completely ignored. At this moment, Rao was unable to help but be calm. Looking at the people around him, Fang Yang smiled bitterly: \”a group of guys who don\’t know goods.\” That\’s what Fang Yang said, but Fang Yang can only talk about it. He can\’t stop the other party from buying his own things and force the other party to buy it. That would be robbery. However, at this time, Fang Yang turned his eyes and suddenly found a familiar figure looking around in this area, as if he were looking for someone. It was a woman, if she were a woman The word \”sexy\” is undoubtedly the most correct. When a woman stands in the crowd, she attracts the attention of countless people. Her face is definitely a super first-class beauty, and her figure is impeccable, as if heaven gave her the best gift. Especially at this time, the woman is very hot, and the parts that men want to see are basically exposed. However, another When she approached the key, she was cleverly covered by ornaments, gauze and other small things. In fact, the temptation of a beautiful woman is much stronger than completely stripped off. In fact, the most itching thing is the woman\’s eyes. Looking around seems to be winking at the people around, which makes the male disciples around feel uneasy. When she sees the woman, Fang Yang smiled bitterly in an instant. She knew the woman. Sure enough, when Fang Yang looked at the woman, the woman soon saw Fang Yang. \”Boom!\” the woman moved and arrived at a distance of more than 20 meters. She punched Fang Yang without hesitation. \”Fang Yang! Your grandmother, you won\’t tell me when you fucking come back!\” A roar instantly rang through the area. Fang Yang didn\’t mean to fight back at all. He ran: \”misunderstanding.\” \”misunderstand you, sir, I have to kill you today. During your stay in the Fang family, how many times have I seen you? You haven\’t seen me any time. Do you want to break up with me?\” A roar shook the area. For a moment, all the disciples who were originally fascinated by the woman took back their eyes. Everyone knew what kind of heart the woman had hidden under her sexy body. When they ran and chased for more than an hour, they spared most of the circle at the top of Shangyang palace peak. Later, they ran directly to Shangyang palace peak In the top of a bamboo forest. \”Shit, don\’t run away, Fang Yang, you stop.\” they both run fast. Even martial artists can\’t bear it. The woman stood in place, her hands crossed her waist and kept panting. Between exhaling and inhaling, most of her crisp chest leaked in the air was slightly trembling, which made people spit fire. \”I said, elder sister, are you?\” Fang Yang was also tired from running. He stood not far away and looked at the woman and said with a bitter smile. Fang Yang knew the woman. Her name was Tang still. Although her name was beautiful, everyone knew that the eldest sister in Shangyang palace was not easy to mess with, because I was already a monk in Lingwu territory. So far, the only monk in Lingwu territory in Shangyang palace except Zhao Qing, but she was only one year old Ji is four years older than Zhao Qing, so at present, Zhao Qing\’s status in the sect is still higher than her. The most important thing is that this woman is arrogant and has an extremely hot temper. She often fights when she disagrees with others. A full female man can\’t provoke ordinary people at all. In the Shangyang palace, this woman has few friends except Fang Yang, which is why It\’s a well-known thing. It\’s said that when Fang Yang was expelled from the sect, the woman locked herself in the room and cried for five days and five nights. \”What do you say? I care about you so much. How many times have I been to Fang\’s house for so long, and when have you seen me?\” she has calmed down. The woman looked at Fang Yang\’s voice fiercely.

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