What\’s your name? My name is Li Siyu.

2021 年 11 月 21 日

Fang Yang glanced around the crowd. Except for the angry Ling Chen, he didn\’t find Teng shuize. But he didn\’t know that Teng shuize had gone to Hunyuan mansion yesterday. He should have gone to Hunyuan mansion for a long time, but a series of things happened in Huoyu county. He couldn\’t see it. He had to go to Hunyuan mansion yesterday. \”Kill me, xuan\’er! Whoever it is, will die today!\” Ling Chen had to settle the bill. The violent Xuan Qi shrouded her and swept away. He stood like an ancient fierce beast, and the great authority swept away, which made people tremble. \”This is the empty and dark world. It\’s really not good to fight alone, but it doesn\’t mean I can\’t!\” Fang Yang\’s eyes were shining. A series of footsteps came from a distance. Alarmed by Ling Chen\’s roar, the garrison of Huoyu county has been mobilized. Once the garrison surrounds the manor and Ling Chen is free in the dark, Fang Yang can\’t escape. Fang Yang stood in place, listening to the footsteps close to his ears, but he smiled calmly. Chapter 121 the power of turtle\’s back \”it\’s time.\” seeing that the guard of Huoyu county has appeared in sight, Fang Yang whispered. As soon as his voice fell, the continuous bombing rang through. Rumble. Countless houses collapsed and the ground was blown up. The guards who had just rushed to the manor were directly submerged in the explosion and screamed constantly. Hundreds of guards have been killed and injured without even playing a role. Several figures rushed out. After seeing Fang Yang in the crowd, they quickly approached. It\’s Qin Chuan, Wu fan and Huolan! Previously, after they sneaked into Huoyu County, Fang Yang went straight to Ling\’s house to rescue Tang still, while the remaining three Qinchuan buried many hidden mines near the manor, waiting for the arrival of the guards. This scene is as like as two peas of eighteen gold in the city of Bai Ling. No matter how Ling Chen guessed, she couldn\’t guess that Fang Yang, who struggled to escape from him, would come back again. Naturally, she didn\’t have any defense at all, so she was badly hurt by them. Ling Chen saw the scene by the street and was shocked. Then she scanned her eyes and happened to see Fang Yang\’s three people. \”It\’s you! You want to die!\” he recognized Fang Yang and immediately understood the causes and consequences. \”It\’s xuan\’er killed by you boy!!\” \”Lingchen old ghost, go to death!\” Qin Chuan saw that Lingchen was also very jealous. His body jumped like a roc flying towards Lingchen. In the air, Qin Chuan\’s hands were sealed, and a trace of mysterious Qi surged into his palm from heaven and earth, circling and condensing into a powerful tornado.

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