Upon hearing this, Hao Jianhong immediately got up to see off the guests with a smile.

2021 年 11 月 21 日

Fang Yang thought slightly, but he could only attribute the reason to the particularity of the sword tower, in which the passage of time was much faster than that outside. At the same time, Fang Yang is also eager to try. If so, can\’t practicing in the sword tower save his time greatly? Previously, I practiced the \”air eye\” sword in the sword tower. When Fang Yang waved his arm, there were two door leaves in the tower, one for going out and the other for going to the second floor. Fang Yang was worried about what happened outside and left directly. Unexpectedly, he also happened to encounter Jin Fengrui\’s attack. \”The experience of the first layer has been completed. I don\’t know what the second layer looks like.\” Fang Yang thought. Although he was impatient, this is not a place for hard cultivation. He can only suppress this impulse. \”The most urgent thing is to complete the refining of the cave. First stabilize it before you have time to practice slowly. After all, the cultivation on the first floor is so troublesome, and the second floor will be more difficult. That tower is special. Without thorough practice, the origin of the soul will be locked in. Unless you have a complete grasp and comfortable environment, you can\’t go in rashly.\” Fang Yang has the experience of the first floor and knows the particularity of the sword tower. \”Well, let\’s see if there are any good things on these two people first.\” Fang Yang stretched out his hand and took the storage rings of Jin Fengrui and Zhou Yiqing. These two people are in a good position. They should have some good things on hand. He first searched Zhou Yiqing\’s storage ring and found some useful things. Some xuanbing jade slips are of high quality. They should be the treasures obtained in the mysterious world. Fang Yang took out a golden armor to replace the pure Yang armor to enhance his life-saving power. He also found a metallic blade and left it. After that, he opened Jin Fengrui\’s ring. As soon as Jin Fengrui\’s ring was opened, a bright color surged out, which surprised Fang Yang. When he saw the object in the ring clearly, the surprise turned into a thick happy color. In the center of the ring, there is a small jade tablet, which is golden and gorgeous. \”Jin xuanjing!\” Fang Yang was overjoyed. No wonder Zhou Yiqing has a lot of metallic xuanbing and jade slips in his hands. It seems that their two parties are united and enter the metallic Pavilion, in which they get this important xuanjing! \”Jin Fengrui is a great help to me.\” Fang Yang muttered to himself. He already has his own water xuanjing, the earth xuanjing traded from Wang Qiushui, plus this gold xuanjing, three of the five xuanjing. If he gathers together the fire xuanjing and wood xuanjing, he will gather the keys to the refining cave. \”Only two xuanjing are missing. It must be on the top of the mountain.\” Fang Yang looked up at the top of the mountain, and the Huayu pavilion was hidden in the clouds. \”I don\’t know who got the last two xuanjing.\” he suppressed the Xuanqi of the golden xuanjing. Fang Yang searched the gold Fengrui\’s storage ring, and finally found a set of 18 bead chains and gave them to Meng Qianxue.

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