The next few days were extremely calm. When Li Siyu felt that Hao Jianhong would no longer dare to touch her, he heard what made her bite her teeth.

2021 年 11 月 23 日

In the animal palace, especially the man riding an ancient bronze lion has the strongest combat effectiveness. His dark Qi burst and bombed the huge fire dog, beating and retreating many fire dogs that are obviously stronger than ordinary big demons. \”Bronze lion, Song Wan!\” sun Manzi said after seeing this man, \”He is one of the three main halls of the beast palace! I have the strength of the later period of the empty and dark realm.\” Fang Yang\’s eyes had already focused on this man, not to mention the strength of the man named Song Wan. The huge bronze lion under him is a big demon in the empty and dark world! Song Wan\’s level can be seen by his ability to make the big demon in the empty and dark world bow down and be willing to sit on his own horse. After all, he is the leader of the three side halls in the beast palace, second only to the existence of the beast emperor CHEN Si Yes! Under the siege of dozens of warriors in the beast palace, the fire dog still stands, and every time he opens his mouth, the flames spit out, and the rolling flame storm, once it covers several people, he will listen to the screams again and again, which is obviously hurt. Song Wan\’s voice of scolding comes: \”Hurry up! Shovel away the people who don\’t know what to do. We\’ll kill the big demon anyway! This is something from our animal palace!\” a warm response came from the crowd. Fang Yang glanced for a while and frowned: \”it seems that the big demon is not simple.\” When he entered the Guya mountains, he also saw several big demons. Both the ash ape and the three big bears in the bear cave are typical big demons. However, compared with the fire dog in front of him, his strength is obviously quite different. Even the big bear in the middle of the empty and dark environment can only be regarded as a small minion under the pressure of the fire dog. Sun Manzi scanned carefully and looked surprised \”It seems to be a heterogeneous monster!?\” \”a heterogeneous monster? What\’s that?\” \”do you know the natural ancient monsters? Among them, the four elephants are the most famous.\” sun Manzi said. Fang Yang nodded immediately: \”naturally, green dragon, white tiger, red Finch and Xuanwu.\” \”Yes, it\’s this type of big demon. These big demons are born above the early sun. Each one has amazing strength, but it\’s also extremely difficult to transform.\” sun Manzi said: \”Most of these big demons have fallen into the long river of years, but some big demons who inherited their blood survived. If I\’m not wrong, there should be a trace of fire Unicorn blood in the body of this fire dog!\” \”It is because of this blood that the strength of this fire dog is so strong! Especially in this volcanic land, it can make it feel like a fish in water with the help of the continuous fire around it!\” Fang Yang\’s heart was cold, and the power of his soul turned on the big demon. Sure enough, he saw countless red mans flowing between heaven and earth and crossing into the fire dog from the volcano. This phenomenon is like facing the snow wolf in the frost and fog in the Lixuan boundary that day. As long as the geographical advantage is, it\’s too difficult to win. \”What\’s more precious about this alien demon! Even a wisp of blood from the blood of the fire unicorn is a great benefit to our body refiners!\” sun Manzi was radiant. Fang Yang was also moved. His \”building bone and golden body\” It has reached the sixth level, and only one level is needed to achieve perfection. The bone building golden body in the state of perfection is like the Buddha in depth. There is treasure light flowing between flesh and bones, which can almost be said to be immortal golden body.

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