When the man saw Li Siyu coming, he kept looking at her.

2021 年 11 月 23 日

Liu Pengpo, holding a big ring knife in his hand, directly chopped the protective gang of Dongzhu and hit her back heavily. Dongzhu screamed and tumbled to the ground. She hurriedly ran Xuanqi to stop bleeding and fight back. Liu Pengpo smiled grimly and held up his big knife. \”Chunyang Zhenzong\’s prospective disciple, Lao Tzu killed him for the first time!\” cut the five mountains! \”Xuanqi moved, blessed the xuanbing in his hand, and suddenly cut it off. Dongzhu didn\’t even have time to defend. She saw a knife cut off and blood splashed. Her head was directly cut off by Liu Peng, rolled to the ground and died in peace. \”Winter bamboo!\” seeing this scene behind him, Jiang Tianhua\’s eyes were ready to crack, and his sword blade turned and split in front of Liu Peng\’s face. When he was angry, Jiang Tianhua\’s mysterious Qi was like a raging fire, and his sword moves were extremely fierce. His moves were inseparable from Liu Peng\’s death. However, he is now deeply hurt. In addition, he has been injected by the venom of the desert scorpion. Only one hand can move. His strength is really low. Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang, Dang. Liu Peng broke Jiang Tianhua\’s blade with a move and retreated quickly. \”Shit, the disciples of the big sect are different. They lose 40% of their strength and can compete with Lao Tzu.\” Liu Peng\’s face was gloomy and extremely unhappy. \”Hey, hey, it\’s useless to be powerful. Today they are all destined to die here.\” Liao Guangqi narrowed his eyes and smiled. Jiang Tianhua trembled angrily and stared at Qiu Yuanwu: \”Qiu Yuanwu! I\’ve always treated you well. How dare you treat me like this? Unite with outsiders and kill your fellow disciples. Once Chunyang Zhenzong knows, people like you will be killed by the punishment elder!\” Qiu Yuanwu sneered: \”Don\’t worry, they can\’t know. All the people here will die. Only a few of us can leave alive. At that time, we will push all the blame to the innocent desert. I can\’t find any clues.\” \”Young Master Yu, I\’d like to thank you. It\’s most appropriate to find such a good place as Wuwang desert. As long as you kill and throw it away, the body will be covered by wind and sand in a few days. You can\’t find it.\” Yu Zhou looked a little confused, but you can see that these people are not good people. \”What do you want to do? I don\’t want silk. Let\’s start now.\” he whispered. \”Start? No, we\’ll start naturally.\” Liao Guangqi smiled. \”Yunbizhou is such a good thing. I\’ve wanted to try it myself for a long time. Later, I\’ll let you honestly tell you the operation formula of yunbizhou!\” \”Elder martial brother, it\’s your fault that you are loved by so many people. When you were in Huoyang sect, Shifu and martial uncle taught you wholeheartedly. Younger martial sister loved you and trusted you. You stole all the limelight alone. Even when you came outside, you were still so high-profile! If you were always behind you, how could I turn over? Only by killing you! In Chunyang sect, can I have a chance to become a leader For a rookie! \”Qiu Yuanwu had long held back his resentment, and now he finally had a chance to reveal it. When he heard his words, Jiang Tianhua\’s expression changed.\” and you! You bitch, I\’ve been courting you all the way, but you ignored it. You\’re crazy about my senior brother alone. Today you\’re especially hard to escape! \”He turned his eyes and shouted at Shao Zirong fiercely.

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