2021 年 11 月 23 日

\”OK.\” Xiao Si nodded stupidly, and then grabbed it in his hand. At this time, the ferocious color on the man\’s face suddenly appeared: \”fool, die for me!\” With a shout, the man\’s dark Qi suddenly burst out and turned into a red flame. He covered Xiao Si\’s body along his palm. He was so surprised that he wanted to kill the boy here while Xiao Si was not fully prepared. \”Bastard!\” When sun Manzi saw this scene, he was so angry that he was about to rush up. At this time, he stopped him with one hand. Sun Manzi turned his head and saw that Xin Guihua was standing behind him. He shook his head and said, \”don\’t go up.\” \”what are you doing? Didn\’t you see the bastard Yin Xiaosi? You\’re not worried at all?\” sun Manzi was so angry. Xin Guihua\’s face was cold: \”I\’m naturally worried, but Xiao Si is no longer young. Do you think he really needs you to take care of him all the time?\” sun Manzi was stunned. Xin Guihua said plainly: \”Although Xiao Si is cowardly, he also has his own ideas. He didn\’t say anything when his eldest brother died, but I can feel that he is very painful. He doesn\’t want to be a burden like this. This big government dispute should be his transformation. You have been protecting him, how should he grow?\” Sun Manzi was silent. He had to say that what Xin Guihua said was still very reasonable. But at the thought of Xiao Si\’s situation, sun Manzi was worried. Xin Guihua patted him on the shoulder: \”don\’t worry, in recent months, you and I are not the only ones who have been promoted. Xiao Si has the greatest potential. Will the heirs who can be selected by reading Shengzong\’s secret law really be ordinary people?\” Sun Manzi gritted his teeth, nodded and looked quietly on the high platform. There, he saw the sudden attack of a man in red and black, and the lower people scolded him. He was a man of great cultivation. He had to use such sinister means to win in the face of such an insignificant child. It was shameless to the extreme! Someone also sighed secretly that the boy was too defenseless Heart, a good life, but just when people thought that the thin man would lose if he died or was injured, the next scene made everyone silly. The fire burst out and swallowed Xiao Si\’s body in an instant. Isn\’t his thin body going to turn into black and gray in an instant under the fire attached to the mysterious Qi? \”Hey, this is the end of looking down on me.\” The man\’s face was ferocious. He wanted to draw his hand back, but he couldn\’t twitch. He was stunned at the fire he urged. When he looked carefully, he couldn\’t help being stunned, \”what\’s the matter?!\” in the fire, Xiao Si\’s body was still standing intact, and a trace of doubt hung on his black and thin cheek: \”do you still use the fire to shake hands?\” \”what ghost are you?\” After the man was shocked, his face became angry. \”Damn it, you dare to fool me. I\’m going to kill you!\” he roared. The dark flame between his hands gathered into a huge palm of fire and slapped it on Xiao Si\’s body. Now he can see that the boy has a lot of means. He doesn\’t keep his hand at once. He will kill the boy directly. \”Ah, are you going to do it now? I\’m not polite.\”

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