Oh, come and sit down if you\’re all right. the old lady nodded kindly to her and went to the kitchen.

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\”Stop talking nonsense and show up quickly!\” Li Mingjun said in a deep voice. Fang Yang smiled, and it was clear that the body floating in front of him was like smoke blowing and disappeared in an instant. Li Mingjun was stunned when he witnessed this scene. He didn\’t feel any mysterious flow, but the young man appeared when he said he appeared and disappeared when he said he disappeared. What strange martial arts is this, or did he really just see an illusion ? just when he hesitated, the closed gate of the palace was suddenly pushed open. The luxurious door leaves smashed like fallen leaves and fell into several petals. There was a sudden silence in the palace where singing and dancing were all the rage, and everyone\’s eyes saw the position of the door leaf together. Fang Yang\’s eyebrows were cold. He stepped out from the outside. After entering the palace, his eyes pointed directly at Li above Mingjun smiled and said, \”I\’m coming.\” there was silence all around, and everyone was stunned. After being surprised, Li Mingjun at the top opened and closed his eyes, and suddenly drank. \”Kill him!\” At the same time, Li Mingjun\’s whole body was full of mysterious Qi, and his silver light was floating, so he took a palm in front of Fang Yang. The silver light palm came face to face, and the strength passed by. The tables and chairs on both sides of the palace flew away one after another. Several singers who could not escape screamed, were swept by the palm wind, vomited blood and flew upside down. Fang Yang raised his eyebrows and recognized the mysterious Qi when the other party shot \”Zhan Longjin?\” Chapter 413 the devil Fang Yang vs. long Jin is the skill of the Longwei army, the elite army of the Longyuan Dynasty. As the strongest army in the Longyuan Dynasty, the Longwei army has many good players and can become a formal organization. All of them are martial artists above the empty and dark realm. This military quality is unique in the whole Longyuan Dynasty. Since they join the army, all martial artists practice their skills Naturally, all the methods must be consistent. In this way, it is convenient for the army to join forces and give play to their stronger strength. Fang Yang once fought with the Longwei army led by Princess Longxiang in the Chunyang Zhenzong trial mountain. Although the Longwei army was led by him to kill monsters without using the cooperative attack method at the beginning, there is still some mystery about them It\’s easy to understand. Zhan Long\’s strength is simple and magnificent. It has many changes compared with the general skill. Its basic attribute is single, and the most important thing is practicality. The simplest way is to burst out the power of Xuanqi, which is Zhan Long\’s strength. Although this kind of Xuanqi has few strange and unpredictable effects, it is extremely strong in front attack. Fang Yang didn\’t expect Li Mingjun to use it It is the fighting dragon strength popularized in Longwei\’s army. Although his fighting dragon strength seems to have experienced changes, which is very different from the general fighting dragon strength, it is still difficult to change some core points.

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