The smile on Lin Cheng\’s face was gone, and he looked at Pei Zihao across the street with a cold face.

2021 年 11 月 23 日

\”Die!\” Xiao Da was so angry that he stepped out step by step and pointed a little, and the shadow of the sword floated. Fang Yang completely refined the sword meaning of the nine palace sword at this time, making the nine palace sword become his own thing again. When he used it, there was no more astringency. He saw the opponent\’s sword shadow attacking strongly, and he welcomed it without hesitation. The green awn on the nine palace sword turned purple, and the sharp edge ran through it. Purple broke! Hoo! A purple sword gang ran through it in an instant When he collided with the sword shadow, the two forces broke out, which offset each other. At the same time, Fang Yang didn\’t retreat but rushed directly in front of the people. His goal was directed at Nie Shuang! Only by killing him who was proficient in divine calculation could Fang Yang have the capital to settle down and live. \”Dare you come up? Do it for me. I will reward anyone who can seriously hurt this person!\” Wan Ning shouted angrily. The remaining more than 20 martial artists behind him also responded together. The mysterious Qi surged and the momentum was not vulgar, and rushed to Fang Yang one by one. The different mysterious soldiers shone brightly, and these people also sold their strength. Fang Yang refined more than a thousand sword ideas at this time, and his sword skills are not what they used to be. Although he is still only a cultivation achievement in the later stage of the early Yang realm, what is his combat strength This group of people can stop them. Seeing the people rush up, Fang Yang\’s nine palace sword trembles and the sword intention explodes. Dragon and snake, nine turns! The dragon and snake roar, and the beast is holding the sword intention to shock the spirit. Under the roar, the people\’s actions freeze together, but it\’s enough to kill them at this moment of stagnation. The dragon and snake sword Qi sweeps through, and the huge force churns everywhere. This moment As soon as each warrior\’s body touched the sword Qi, the dragon snake sword Qi was swallowed directly. When his strength was too strong, he heard the sound of broken bones, and the people howled and flew upside down. Under Fang Yang\’s sword Qi, at least half of the fighters had been seriously injured. Fang Yang\’s eyes were bright, and the secret way was really useful. More than a thousand sword ideas were completely refined by himself, so he raised his hands and feet It is also possible to add the sword idea to the sword moves. Due to the integration of different sword ideas, Fang Yang\’s sword moves can also deal with different opponents and will only become stronger. Unfortunately, he doesn\’t have enough blades in his hand. Otherwise, the sword Qi that can erupt by running the power of the sword star is enough to kill these ordinary martial artists.

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