But in the end, this credit was earned by her sister Shen Xian, which made the male lord King Wu and the villain Chengyuan emperor respect her and always go smoothly.

2021 年 11 月 25 日

He immediately turned the divine light formula of heaven\’s eyes and stared away with the help of the divine spirit. When he swept down, Fang Yang\’s face was slightly heavy. The spirits in these more than ten human bodies died and were empty. It was a dead body, but the vitality in the body was flowing and vigorous, and it was not like a dead man. \”The means of Jiang bieshu!\” When Fang Yang thought of this, he was sure to look and act decisively. The old fellow Jiang bieshu, but the enemy of brother Kuishan, had his men stationed here this time. Was he also stationed between the eighth floor? LV Ye was running desperately. He staggered forward and watched his body gallop around. He clenched his teeth and ignored it. He was still too careless I thought I was safe after staying in the station for seven days, but I didn\’t expect that they had been lying in ambush outside. When he left a long distance from the station, they rushed out and chased him. LV Ye\’s strength was too weak to fight alone. Besides, if so many people were not chasing him, he would have a protector in his hand I\’m afraid these \”wooden men\” killed me before I ran a hundred steps away. But Rao felt that the mysterious Qi of the body protector in his hand was weakened and would soon be consumed. \”Am I going to die here today?\” I\’m not reconciled! Mingming\’s entrustment has not been completed, and he will die in the hands of these wooden men. Bang! With a strong palm, LV Ye\’s body was directly hit and flew out. Looking at his body surface with a layer of earthy yellow light flashing twice, he couldn\’t support it and cracked. As soon as the Xuanqi shield was broken, LV Ye looked pale and had no way to survive. With his cultivation at this time, he could hardly resist anyone, let alone so many people. Seeing that the ten wooden men in front of him leaped like ghosts, he closed his eyes. At this time, a clang came to his ears. The sharp sword came out of the scabbard, and the sound was clear and loud. After the heat, the bright light in front of him flashed away. Even with his eyes, LV ye could faint See the light of the sword.

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