Hearing the speech, a trace of disgust flashed in Empress Dowager Yang\’s eyes, but she still said, let her in. if she hadn\’t done too many sins, how could zhao\’er be so disgusted with women.

2021 年 11 月 25 日

Without the control of space, Fang Yang\’s body also broke away directly. He looked at the killing king and wanted to see if he could bring any damage to the killing king while his dragon eyes were still effective! Fang Yang didn\’t dare to waste his time. He burned the fire and rushed directly in front of the king. At this time, he couldn\’t care about the space here. When he flew away, he also focused on the king. Before the dragon\’s eye pupil, the Tao patterns of heaven and earth emerge, and everything can\’t be hidden. But when Fang Yang locked his eyes on the king\’s body, he could see that his body was shrouded in a thin black fog, and he couldn\’t see anything at all. \”How could this happen?\” Fang Yang was shocked. When his dragon eye pupil failed for the first time, he originally planned to find a flaw in killing the king with the help of the dragon eye pupil that saw through the patterns of heaven and earth to fight the enemy. But at this time, I was confused, not to mention a flaw, and I couldn\’t even see the power of the Tao pattern to kill the king. Got it! Fang Yang\’s face sank. The king knew that his dragon eye pupil would not be useful to him, but he didn\’t start it. What he waited for was Fang Yang to rush into front of him. Sure enough, when Fang Yang rushed 30 steps in front of the king, the king\’s eyes looked faintly. The corners of his mouth, which was not covered with an iron mask, had a radian, which was clearly laughing. Fang Yang\’s heart was shocked and the alarm was great, but it was too late to escape at this time. With a wave of Wang\’s big hand, the space around him was squeezed again and wound around Fang Yang. \”Do you think the dragon\’s eye pupil is really turning the sky? It\’s nothing more than something on a secondary dragon.\” tie Sheng\’s tone was faint. Seeing that the space was squeezed, a tingling pain came from Fang Yang\’s eyebrows. He knew that the use of long eye pupil had almost reached the limit. He slightly clenched his teeth. While there was still the last trace of effect, he wanted to cut through the space Tao patterns used to kill the king in all directions with the help of Jiugong sword. At least he had to get rid of the dilemma at this time. Just before Fang Yang could find the space pattern with the help of the dragon\’s eye pupil, the killing king suddenly snorted coldly. \”Do you still want to use the same trick in front of me? Put it away!\” his voice was calm and could be heard in Fang Yang\’s ears, but it was like exploding thunder on the ground. When he saw the king\’s body, he could see that the king raised his hand and took off half of the black iron mask, and his eyes under the mask flashed. It was just a glance. Fang Yang was struck by lightning. With a dull hum, the longan pupil in the center of his eyebrow seemed to be heavily pierced by an awl and closed in an instant, so as to bite Fang Yang. He was also a seven hole bleeding and traumatic spirit. The dragon\’s eye pupil is broken!

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