At this time, there was a sudden announcement, the Holy One! resounded through the palace.

2021 年 11 月 25 日

However, the invincible soldiers were obstructed when they attacked and occupied the Garo Dynasty. The Garo Dynasty, a remote place with strong folk customs, almost came out of the country, although it is still not enough to deal with the government soldiers with the help of dragon power. However, because the dynasty was full of mire and abyss, the momentum of the strong attack of the Longyuan Dynasty was weakened. At this time, the whole leilin continent, only the Garo Dynasty and the ice sea Dynasty, still managed to maintain its independence. But if such a momentum continues, I\’m afraid it will be doomed sooner or later. Along the way, Fang Yang and Li bru rode on their horses. Hearing what she said, Fang Yang was also shocked. In just five years, such a situation has happened in leilin mainland. The two countries perish, the two countries are in danger, and the potential of Longyuan is invincible. Once he annexes the Garo Dynasty and the ice sea Dynasty again, he will really be the overlord of the mainland and no one can defeat him. Because long yuan is an immortal, few people dare to resist. Most of the sect members are almost subdued. They are also captured by long yuan. In the past five years, he has also selected many experts. The number of gold armor generals holding the golden dragon card has increased from the first three to a hundred, while the number of silver armor generals is just ten times, more than a thousand. Above the golden armor general, there is the title of \”dragon general\”. People at this level are the strongest under the real dragon yuan. Everyone has the mark of the real dragon. They are regarded as confidants by the Dragon yuan. There are ten people in total. For example, when Fang Yang was here before, he knew that Ao Hai, the leader of the Dragon King\’s house, and Liao Xingwen, the leader of the Mingshan house, were all dragon generals. It is precisely because Liao Xingwen is not dead and recovers that Li Ya, who succeeded as the head of the government, is dismissed again. In fact, even if he was dismissed, Liao Xingwen thought she had great talent and wanted to keep her to help. However, Li Ya saw that long yuan acted against him and Liao Xingwen helped him, so he resigned and joined the League against the Long Yuan Dynasty. \”Our league is called the Dragon chopping club, which is one of the three most powerful League against the tyranny of the Longyuan Dynasty.\” Li Ya said to Fang Yang. Dragon cutting club? Listen to the name to know what attitude it is. No wonder the silver armour general said that Li Ya was a thief. That\’s why. \”The dragon Yuan Dynasty fought indiscriminately and blood stained the Dragon yuan, which is not tolerated by heaven! Since I inherited the wave of uncle and grandpa, I should ask for orders from Qingtian to protect the Haoran world.\” when Li Ya said this, his face was straight and his voice was sonorous, which showed his firm attitude. Fang Yang was also warm-hearted. With a dazzling Kung Fu, he was still a crying tomboy at that time. He had grown up to this kind of division. When Li Ya swept away, he could see the expression on Fang Yang\’s face. He seemed to understand what he thought. His pretty face flushed. Then he frowned and said, \”why! Am I wrong?\” \”yes, of course it is. You did a good job. If senior Li Ru was still alive, he would make the same choice as you.\” Fang Yang said. With Fang Yang\’s approval, Li Ya\’s face looked a little happy: \”by the way, Fang Yang, what\’s the matter with your strength just now?\” \”you can understand it as epiphany. Don\’t you think many experts have such a stage? They were hung and beaten. As soon as the Epiphany broke out, they would hang and beat others.\” Fang Yang said with a smile.

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