Shen Ling took down the hairpin on her head and looked at it. The tassel had long disappeared. It was bare and wanted to cry for a moment.

2021 年 11 月 25 日

At first, no one resisted, because no one could see the hope of resistance. To fight against such monsters as the Longyuan Dynasty with one\’s own strength, you should not only seek death, but also seek death. Even if the so-called three major resistance forces have carried out for five years, they have not achieved any results? People can only endure silently, but their anger and dissatisfaction are growing all the time. Then, the story of the Dragon cutting Association came out. Thousands of people killed 50000 soldiers, of which more than ten were gold armor generals. For the Longyuan Dynasty, which includes the territory of the four dynasties, the number of 50000 soldiers is not much, but it is a feat that no one has ever done. The Longyuan Dynasty is at the height of its popularity. This period should have been worshipped by everyone and unmatched. But this incident broke the impression of the invincible Longyuan Dynasty and gave the oppressed people a guiding direction. Thousands of people can kill 50000 soldiers. If they join them, the number will increase, 10000 to 500000, 100000 to 5 million. It seems that the Longyuan Dynasty is not so invincible. Although the opposition of these numbers could not be established, it did not prevent them from consciously finding the dawn of overthrowing the Longyuan Dynasty. The next thing to do is to join the so-called dragon cutting meeting. The tribe of baibeast mountain is not very large. It occupies a mountain top. There are more than 3000 people, young and old. Years of fighting also caused great losses to the beast mountain, so they are extremely rare for rare peace. Although the gale Dynasty has a strong folk custom, once it is identified as an ally, it is also extremely close and a characteristic of mountain people. The group of dragon chopping Club stayed on the top of the mountain near the beast mountain and prepared and cultivated here. The six raids in succession made these warriors also feel the feeling of blood dripping. Fierce battle is the most effective and convenient means to increase their combat power. A thousand people to 50000, even if on average, there are 50 lives in each person\’s hands. After the blood cutting, it was obvious that their breath became very different from that in the past, and there was a cold momentum between their actions. One by one, their eyes are shining with flying self-confidence. Fifty thousand war fruits are also a transformation for them. In addition to the enhancement of their own strength, in recent days, people have been taking refuge. At first, only a few people rushed into the Garo Dynasty in panic and were captured in the camp of beast mountain. Then they ran directly to the Dragon cutting club. After hearing that these people were going to join them, Liu situ also keenly smelled that this was an excellent opportunity to expand his power. After all, the number of people in the Dragon cutting club was still too small. Therefore, he specially asked a guide in baibeast mountain to lead the way and welcome the arrival of a large number of people who took refuge. However, after only ten days, the number of people who took refuge reached more than 3000. These people are not all martial arts. There are people from all walks of life, whether businessmen or pharmacists. There are a large number of people, and the arrival of these people also improves their reserve force to a great extent. Liu situ simply refused to come and settled everyone here. He also understood that it was impossible for them to overthrow the Longyuan Dynasty alone. The more chips they increased, the more opportunities they had. In this comfort, the Dragon chopping club is also growing rapidly.

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