However, Empress Dowager Yang was well aware of the cold-blooded and ruthless people in front of her, sister, do you know what I call today?

2021 年 11 月 25 日

Fang Yang\’s mood was calm. Now that you know the other party\’s means, it\’s useless to be too anxious and nervous. He reduced the number of strong attacks and began to focus on defense. Under the wholehearted defense, even if Liao Xingwen can see his mind, the threat he can bring to him is greatly reduced. Fang Yang was not warm and fire, and Liao Xingwen was allowed to attack more than once. Countless stones are flying. The body of the mountain dragon is like a stone pillar standing in the clouds. It controls the attack of the earth and rock on its body, which is also powerful. A stone is nothing, but with the increase of stones, ten, a hundred or even a thousand, huge stones condensed from endless stones collide. Under the rumbling impact, the shaking Fang Yang\’s body trembles. Liao Xing\’s text is good at Juli. Juli is integrated with stones. The momentum generated by each stone falling is like a meteorite. Fang Yang is calm, not anxious or impatient. In this case, the more irritable it is, the less it can help. Anyway, he is also a person who has experienced such storms and waves. He has seen all kinds of tragic battles. Fang Yang is really not weak in terms of Qi Nourishing Kung Fu. Under such special circumstances, only by keeping calm can we find some opportunities. Otherwise, it will just make yourself more difficult. Seeing Fang Yang like this, Liao Xingwen frowned and worried. \”Why is this guy so difficult to deal with? People I\’ve met in the past, facing my method of anticipating the enemy\’s first opportunity, are either in a panic or desperate and crazy attack. However, this boy doesn\’t look like one of these two. On the contrary, he\’s not in a hurry. Who should make a quick decision between us?\” the longer it takes, The more Yang the other side is, the more unfavorable it is. Once waiting for the arrival of dragon matchless, with Fang Yang and Wansen, they will never be their opponents. Shouldn\’t this boy make a strong attack, if he can\’t, just escape quickly? Why, now, he\’s leisurely? Liao Xingwen couldn\’t figure it out for ten thousand people, but just because he couldn\’t figure it out, he was worried for a while. Although he is so fierce on the surface, only he knows his own situation. Wen Xin and other congenital Xuanbao are really powerful, but most things in the world are like this. When they have strong means, they will also have some corresponding shortcomings or restraint. What limits the \”smell of the heart\” is the duration. Smell heart can not be used continuously, but has a certain buffer moment. Just like the green clouds of Fang Yang, only a period of energy accumulation can ensure the continuous use. Otherwise, with such a thing, Liao Xingwen would not have used it until today. The use time of each heart sniffing is a quarter of an hour. After a quarter of an hour, the heart sniffing will fall into a cooling state, and it will take at least a month to recover.

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