The ministers continued to follow, but they were more cautious than before. Why do you think your majesty is in a bad mood.

2021 年 11 月 26 日

Seeing Li Siyu coming in, he didn\’t speak and chatted with himself. Li Siyu had long been used to the attitude of these people and didn\’t take it seriously. He went to see the small blackboard. The supply was written on it. Glancing at it, Li Siyu left saliva and ordered a bowl of shredded meat fried noodles. The saliva was for red roast lamb chops. Unexpectedly, there was such a sufficient supply here, in addition to red roast lamb chops, elbows and sauce beef After looking at the price, I still didn\’t order anything else. Because there was no meat ticket, I could only drool. But she had all the meat in her space and didn\’t care. It was a pity that she didn\’t have time to make it. A bowl of shredded meat fried noodles didn\’t require meat ticket. It cost 22 grain tickets and 50 cents. It was very good except shredded meat and washed salted celery. I ate it in a muddle Bowl, Li Siyu was about to go out when he heard two people muttering about the black market. Li Siyu had not heard about it when he first came, but he could only go to the door and pretend to watch the wind, but he could hear the two people talking. \”I haven\’t seen any fine grains in the black market recently. They are all coarse grains.\” The cashier complained and chatted with the cook, and sighed from time to time. The Cook said, \”it\’s afternoon at the beginning of spring this year. It\’s estimated that it\’s a good year this year, and there will be more fine grains in winter.\” the cashier said, \”that\’s good. Now there are few fine grains, and the black market price is very high. Rice is actually $51 kg, which is more expensive than meat. Why not grab it.\” the Cook said: \”You\’ve met refined rice. Broken rice is one yuan, but it\’s also very expensive. Fuqiang powder is one yuan and three.\” Li Siyu didn\’t listen to it for a while and didn\’t ask where the black market is. After all, people are also state-owned workers. They won\’t say if they go up and ask. On the contrary, it\’s still early. Li Siyu didn\’t plan to sell goods during the day, so he turned around casually.

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