Soon, the sedan chair came. Shen Ling entered the sedan chair. Under the attention of the public, she wanted to cover her face, so she hurried into the Tai Chi palace to meet the Empress Dowager.

2021 年 11 月 26 日

The people on the opposite side can see that they are even more unscrupulous when they see that no one stands out for her. \”Oh, what do you say? Look at my feet.\” he stretched out his shoes with a thousand layers of soles, on which half a small footprint was impressively painted. \”Oh, it hurts.\” the expression on his face was exaggerated, and his eyes were full of winning tickets. As soon as Li Siyu hooked the corner of his mouth, he squeezed out the crowd and stepped on that foot. This foot, but without mercy, all the strength of the body was pressed on that foot. \”Ah!\” only heard the gay man scream. There\’s no way. Li Siyu wears small leather shoes and steps on the heels. It\’s strange if it doesn\’t hurt. \”Oh, I\’m so sorry.\” Li Siyu covered his small mouth and looked sorry. Then she looked at the man with a cold face. When the gay man saw another woman, he said angrily, \”you can\’t go! Step on my foot, lose money and go to the hospital!\” he was dying of pain and must be swollen. The foot just now was heavier than the previous one. Ma Lingling was stunned by her wave of operation when she saw her stepping on other people\’s feet. Is she right? Cadre Li deliberately stepped on other people\’s feet? Li Siyu looked at the gay man, and his face was really sweating. She smiled and said, \”what can I do?\” the man was proud, \”what can I do? Go to the hospital!\” before he finished, Li Siyu sneered and said, \”then you still delayed my feet to the ground. What are you going to do?\” chapter 108 was stunned. \”Ah?\” a group of people were stunned by her words.

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