He glanced carefully. On the golden cloth, there was white jade Paperweight, and the pen holder was blocked. He quietly moved his body, which was on the white soft rice paper. However, he stood on tiptoe again, narrowed his eyes and glanced sideways. How did it look like a Buddha word?

2021 年 11 月 26 日

Because Xu Weinan didn\’t write this manuscript well before, and wanted to have a good relationship with team leader Zhou, he went to the office to find him. As a result, after training for more than half an hour, the whole office can hear the voice of training. Xu Weinan had been introspecting all afternoon before she came out. Since then, no one dared to say that she didn\’t understand. Even if you don\’t understand, you can\’t ask leader Zhou. You have to ask other colleagues. If you can\’t, you can\’t go to leader Zhou\’s office anyway. Team leader Zhou got everyone\’s answer, nodded with satisfaction, and then went back. Everyone was relieved. Li Siyu felt a little funny. If you work harder, how can you be afraid of group leader Zhou? I\’m afraid people will praise you. People: No, no, don\’t praise. Remembering what leader Zhou said just now, Li Siyu couldn\’t help thinking. The planning of the factory may need to be discussed with the leaders, and the above meaning should also be discussed. After all, they are all state-owned factories now. How can we continue planning without the consent of the above. Thinking of this, Li Siyu couldn\’t help sighing. It\’s a long way to go, but we still have to stick to it. What if it works? That\’s her great achievement. Maybe it can cause better results. However, she also knows that she can play a low-key role in the past two years, and she will have to play a low-key role in the next two years. Li Siyu doesn\’t want to be delegated, but her background is simple. The possibility of being delegated is very low. Don\’t worry too much. At night, she didn\’t come back to sleep, but went into the space to prepare things for Lincheng. When sorting out the warehouse two days ago, Li Siyu found a lot of cans. In particular, there are many canned fruits, and canned meat doesn\’t want to sell for the time being. After all, this thing is in short supply now and will play a better role at a critical time. Chapter 174 object relationship canned glass bottles are not very common, so Li Siyu took out the backlog of cheap iron cans. The can has the production date, and the paper package is pasted with the fruit and the manufacturer on it. Li Siyu filled a large basin with water, rubbed off the production date one by one and tore off the paper.

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