Your Majesty, Shen Ling came over and saluted. Mother song had something to do today, so she was fine early today. Just now, because the Empress Dowager\’s neck was a little sour, she was massaging the Empress Dowager in order to please her big backer in the palace.

2021 年 11 月 26 日

When Li Siyu passed the grove, he saw a man lying behind the tree. He didn\’t know what he was doing. She looked over quietly. It was Wang Yuanyuan there. I haven\’t seen him all day. What are you doing here. Looking in the direction of Wang Yuanyuan, Li Siyu saw Zhao Xuemei biting her ear with a man. God, this man just came out to talk about love when he was ill. This young man, tut tut Tut, Li Siyu left here quietly. She doesn\’t want to be seen. What if someone doesn\’t want to be public and is known by others? Wang Yuanyuan was still lying behind the tree listening, but she didn\’t hear the words behind. She just thought they were talking about love again. She skimmed her mouth, and then stood there honestly, not daring to move. Zhao Xuemei\’s face sank deeper as soon as she heard this. From the angle that Guan Wen couldn\’t see, her face was distorted. She hated Guan Wen very much, but she couldn\’t do anything. \”I\’ll do it another day. I\’ve been ill these two days.\” she said in a low voice, like a poor little girl. Guan Wen glanced at her disappointed, but since he could maintain the relationship, it was very good. \”Well, take this and eat some good ones.\” Guan Wen handed out five yuan, a food ticket and a meat ticket. Even if the food ticket is not enough, the meat ticket is really distressing, but Guan Wen is also willing to go out in order to coax Zhao Xuemei. Zhao Xuemei accepted the ticket money with satisfaction. \”Miss Guan, you\’re very kind to me. I\’ve been ill since that day. I can make it up this time.\” she said with a little pity in her tone, and then got up and left first. Guan Wen looked at her leaving back and crossed his legs. Hum, small sample. What if I give you more benefits? No one will play in the future. He doesn\’t care about this money. As long as Zhao Xuemei is obedient, it\’s okay for him to spend some money. Li Siyu went to the canteen to finish the meal, and saw Zhao Xuemei come in. She beat a portion of braised meat and rice. It\’s different when you have an object. Even the food is so luxurious. Li Siyu took his chicken cake and sat down in a corner. He went into the space to eat some good food in the evening and took a bite in the afternoon.

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