At this time, the banquet was already bustling, in groups, and aristocratic ladies in gorgeous clothes could be seen everywhere. On the other side, there are also some unmarried CHILDES. Although they are separated, they can be seen from each other.

2021 年 11 月 26 日

In order not to make her little object jealous, Li Siyu needs to make it clear. The next morning, Li Siyu was waiting for someone on the way to the canteen with something. She can\’t go to the dormitory to find someone else. She can only wait here. Who doesn\’t eat in the morning? Unlike later generations, people today must eat as long as they can eat. Therefore, the only way to go is the canteen, which must be the best place to squat. She looked around for a while, and sure enough, she saw Wei Xingbo coming here. He looks very handsome in a black cotton padded jacket and gray trousers. It\’s a pity that my sister has a family. She must refuse this little tender flower. It\’s really a sin. \”Mr. Wei!\” Li Siyu shouted immediately when he saw someone approaching. Wei Xingbo saw Li Siyu all the way, his signature red gloves and white skin. \”Classmate Li, what are you doing here? Isn\’t it cold?\” he looked at Li Siyu\’s frozen stamp and didn\’t know what she was doing here. Are you waiting for him? Chapter 299 problem solving Wei Xingbo has a flash of joy in his eyes. Now he is looking forward to what Li Siyu wants to say. Li Siyu smiled and said, \”give me back what you asked my roommate to bring me yesterday.\” she took out a small box from her pocket and handed it to him, then took a deep breath. \”What is this? Don\’t you like it?\” Wei Xingbo looked at her in surprise. Li Siyu shook his head. Seeing that he didn\’t follow, he stuffed it directly into his coat pocket. \”I already have an object.\” she didn\’t know what to say. She said, \”I don\’t know if you mean that to me, but just think I\’m amorous. I already have an object. Please keep a distance from me in the future.\” the words have been said. It\’s good. It\’s too difficult to prevent him every day.

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